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i woke up to dumb teenage girls talking about how drunk they were last night. i tried to sleep more laying in my bed, sheets unwashed for months. the pigs wouldnt stop squeeling so i banged my desk beside my bed. they didnt seem to hear it. after around 10 minutes of girl talk, they finally went away. i still couldnt sleep. probably because i have a fuckin cold. i have had a cold for 3 days now and its not getting any better.

i finally got out of bed 2 hours later, 1 30 pm, and stepped over my huge pile (mountain) of cloths in the middle of my room. my room is covered in cloths, paper, and tons of tissue. i put on my pants, socks, and shoes and went to the cafeteria to eat breakfast.

i walked to the cafeteria, which is around 100 steps away from my room. I went in and gave a chinese girl with an ugly smile my card, and she handed it back to me like a normal girl would. i dont ever get up this early on saturdays so i usually miss lunch, which ends at 2 pm, and lunch time on saturday is breakfast. there were dry pancakes, oily bacon with lots of fat on it, crispy almost potatoless hash bits, and steamed beans and carrots that taste toxic. i took some pancakes, put some syrup on them, and went to eat them in the corner of the cafeteria, where there are big windows and you can see out side. it was snowing like crazy even though its almost april. my plans to skateboard were crushed into little bits, eaten, and shitten out with disgusting corn bits in it. then i went to see what else the cafeteria had to offer me, and i found some fruit. i never eat fruit any more, and this was a good chance to eat some so i put some in a bowl, but right as i was doing that, my japanese friend hit the back of my legs with his knees. my knees were so straight that the sudden bend shocked me. what a classic joke. good old prank. he went and got a hamburger and fries. i only got fries because i need to eat hamburgers with the top bun off using a knife and fork because i have braces. pink braces. i got them 4 months ago. not many people know that i have braces unless i tell them because i hide them. but sometimes i accidently show a glimpse of them when i laugh or talk.

i told my friend about how i made marijuana butter last night and ate it and nothing happened and wasted 10 bucks on the weed, and how my neighbors are loud all night and wake up early and talk loudly right next to my room. i think my neighbor is having a sleep over party with lots of teen girls. they all sound dumb and act the same. i hate girls like that. at least try to sound smart you stupid heads.

i couldnt sleep at all and then when i finally did, they woke me up, and having a cold makes it 10 times harder to live like this. its like im being tortured. i kind of understand how slaves in china and starving people in poor countries feel like now.

then my friend gave me an idea. go to the gym. i dont have a gym pass so i never go, but i heard that you can use someone elses pass and get away with it. i knocked on a japanese girls door that has a gym pass. she wasnt there. then i mailed another japanese friend asking him if i could use his gym pass. i jacked off while waiting for a reply. he said ok so i went and got the card and went to the gym.

by the time i left my room the nice looking snow had stopped falling and it was wet everywhere. it felt bad. i got to the big gym and swooshed my friends card through the gate and it let me in. i tricked the machine. or did the machine trick me? (find out later).

i got in and walked around trying to find the sauna and pool room because those were the two places i wanted to use. after seeing many un erected penises, hair, and man faces i found both the pool room and the sauna. i put my bathing suit on, and went to the sauna after getting myself wet under a shower. the sauna was way hotter than the japanese saunas that i had been in. i guess the japanese people cant take the heat. or maybe the canadians want to take the pain to be a real bro. either way, it was so hot that i was even wetter than i had been before. my arm pits were bleeding sweat, my dick was pissing sweat, and my brain was sweaty so i couldnt think straight. an old man came in. great. competition. he sat down. we sat in silence, waiting for the winp to leave in shame, to see who the real man is. i couldnt take the heat any more. i left. i was feeling a little dizzy, and the walk over to the pool was psychedelic. i got into the pool, and a guy looked at me. i did a little bow with my head and turned away. then i looked at him again and he looked at me and asked me if i wanted to race. i really didnt want to, because i just wanted to take it easy because i have a cold, but i took the challenge. i beat him, but i felt beaten, as if i had beaten my meat nonstop for 100 beatin' hours. i thought it was over, but he said lets race again, and i said ok because he looked like he really wanted to again. he beat me, and i tired myself out, and then he asked for a third race, and i only made it half way and swam the rest really slowly. then he threw a brick in the water and went and got it, and asked me if i could do it. the guy wouldnt fucking stop. i tried to get the brick but my nose felt weird under the deep water and the brick was too heavy and i was too tired. i told him its because i had a cold, and it mainly was but i felt like a fake ass liar. then this fat asian guy rushed towards us, looked at our faces, dived into the water and got the brick, and threw it onto the pool side like an animal, and looked at our faces again. i looked down. what an ass.

i left the pool, and started to feel a little sick. i realized that i had made a big mistake by accepting those challenges, the card machine had tricked me into destroying myself. i felt sicker and sicker, so went to take a shower. then i went in the sauna thinking it would make me feel better, and went to change. i felt pretty bad, and i had to change. i put my cloths on and when i put on my t shirt it was wet. i forgot that i accidently sprayed water onto myself when i was still wearing it while i was testing out the showers. i didnt want to wear the thing, so i put on my fleese jacket. my back was still a little wet and it felt very awful. the water stayed on my back, but i just wanted to get to my room so i could lay on my bed. i put my sweaty socks on, and left.

i felt like throwing up the whole way home, and by the time i was at my building i had to run so that i could throw up somewhere where no one would see me. i ran to my room, took off my jacket, and rushed to the bath tub room. i puked in the sink topless like britney or paris or the pussy cat dolls would do. i felt better right after, and hopped into my dusty but surprisingly comfortable bed and watched a south park episode on the laptop like a geek. then i managed to sleep in silence for an hour or two, and went to eat dinner at 7 because the cafeteria closes at 8. after 8 nothing is open and all you can do is order pizza like a little rat. i ate a lot because i threw up all that was in me. i felt ok, but i still had a runny nose, and the rim of my nose hurts from so many tissue papers scraping away at it. then the japanese guy that lent me his gym pass said he wanted to come to my room just to chill and hang with urban style. i said ok so we went to my room and listened to music while talking about sex. i asked him how it was and he said that jacking off is easier and better unless you're in love with the girl. then an iranian guy knocked on my door. we are "friends" but i dont really enjoy being with him. his english jokes are awful. i said i have a cold the other day and he said i must have the cold because im cold because i was wearing a sweater. i didnt even get it and he explained it, rethought it, and admitted it was terrible. he came into my room, and we started talking about (MIGHT BE A LITTLE BORING FROM HERE TILL END OF CONVERSATION) producers of music. he told me that it is really important to know how the producer puts his feelings into the music. i told him that you cant translate direct feelings into music, and that it doesnt matter how the producer feels, its all about how you feel when you listen to the sounds. then we started talking about feelings like love, and i told him its just a word and that there is no one feeling that is Love, its just a categorization of similar feelings. then the dumb teenage girl that i never talk to that lives next door knocked on my door and told me that im high and that i smell high even though i wasnt. my eyes were a little red from my cold, but that was all. then her and a group of friends told me that they will knock on my door after they go to the bar and we can drink together. i said ok, and shut the door. i like free drugs. then we got into our deep conversation again. the iranian guy said that justice is the same for everyone and there is a right and wrong for everything. me and my japanese friend told him that he could be right if there was some kind of god, but everyone can also have their own rights and wrongs and there could be no universal Right and Wrong for everything we do (which sounds more logical). we talked about this for around 2 or 3 hours, and he wrote his conclusion down. then the dumb girl knocked on my door and said she wanted to get high. she told the japanese guy and the iranian guy that we should all smoke but they said no. they had both never tried the drug, but they werent against it either. she insulted them, and then insulted the iranian guys english by asking him why he goes to this school with english like his. i still wanted to get high with her and the japanese guy and iranian guy left. i packed some weed in my apple and we went out side and smoked some but the wind was too strong and there was a security van near by and i didnt get to smoke at all, and then a guy waiting for his pizza delivery came up to us and i offered him a hit but he said no. he told me that he likes it so much that he stays away from it, and i said oh thinking it was total bull shit, and he told me that i know what hes talkin about. what people will do to look cool. and then i passed the girl the apple and the weak little bitch was like "im ok" and then she fell in the snow while we walked back and it looked very funny. then we met up with some other people and there was a guy wearing lakais so i asked him if he skates and he said yeah its all i fuckin do. i wondered if he could beat my new learned front side flips, or my unforgettable casper stalls. then the dumb bitch said shes going back to our building so i followed. another guy was there, and she started talking to him against the wall. i was by a water fountain so i took a sip. they still werent walking and they were getting closer to each other. how was i going to get out of the awkwardness. then i took another sip. 3 sips would be the limit. i took my last sip and they were still up against the wall. i said bye and the dumb bitch was like "thanks for getting me high" with out even. i felt used. i walked back, thinking damn some girls suck and started to get really sad. then i thought about how it would be useless to get sad and started thinking about other fun stuff. then i wondered why humans become sad over stupid stuff like that, and wondered if me stopping my sadness would pile up and stress me out even more. i decided to stay with the positive flow and went back to my room and got a text message on my cell phone. "are you high ? :D" from the japanese guy. i told him i didnt really get high but i got to watch a sort of fat stupid teen fall in the snow. i wanted to finish the job so i toked some more knowing that i shouldnt be smoking because of my cold. i didnt care, i just wanted to have fun. then the japanese guy text-message-asked me if i wanted to go to another japanese guys room and i told him i smoked some more and im a little high. he said its ok and i went. this was the first time for them to see me high (at least thats what they think he he). one guy was drunk because he went to a bar with a korean, and for some reason the one that send me the message was acting really happy. happier than always. i guess he thought he could act how ever the fuck he wants because i was high and the other guy was drunk. he asked me how i felt, and i told him im not that high, and that everything is nice and that everything seems new. the drunk guy said nice to meet you, i am the new me. i laughed. then me and the happy guy told the drunk guy about our conversation with the iranian guy, and we made it sound funny. then the guy pulled out his cell phone and showed us a gem. he had typed the iranian guy's conclusion of our argument. it was one sentence, with some grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes. it was classic. best thing ive seen. we are going to make t shirts that have that conclusion on them.

then the drunk guy played a russian corny pop song because hes studying russian and said he liked it. then the other japanese guy started swinging his head side to side enjoying the music. the stupidness of the music mixed with the stupidness of his head movements made him look like a wind up toy. he is awesome. then he played another old russian song and this time it sounded interesting. then we listened to more music on youtube, something only new age teens like us would do.

then i came back to my room, and started typing this shit out. it took me a while to type this frikin shit out. now i can read it when im older. yaay. i will go take a shower now, and then probably smoke some weed so that i can get to sleep nicely because it is very hard for me to sleep when i have a cold. i dont know if im making my cold better or worse by smoking a bit of weed before i sleep. it really helps me get rest, but i know its bad for you when you have a cold. either way, its all about tokin it up. i have been smoking a lot of pot to kill time before i go back to japan in a few weeks. there i will be with friends that are actually fun to hang out with.

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Your blog is awesome in it's unspectaulararity. This is a good thing. The same feeling Bukowski and Vonnegut wrench from me. Keep it up. I like living vicariously through your blog. I dropped out of college and never stayed in a dorm so, I like reading about this aspect of life I may have missed.

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