i got up.

i normally bug my friend right away and piss him off for fun and to relieve stress but right now i am on strike. i am not speaking to him because he wont tell me about his problems and im mad. i had a career counseling meeting at 5pm, and it was 3 pm. i had nothing to do so i went on the computer and read things that people wrote to entertain myself. then at around 4:20 i got my bong ready. no. not because i smoke pot at 4:20 everyday like a highschool 420 master . i had to leave at 430 and i wanted to smoke some 420 because i thought the meeting would be boring. it would be 3 hours long, and i hate sitting and listening to a middle aged person talk for 3 hours. not that i have any thing better to do. i basically sit at home all day any way. that will probably change soon.

i smoked the pot (sorry marijuana haters!) and put on my wintercoat and socks and all, and left the slob house. winnipeg is so boring that i actually enjoy walking around in the winter more because the snow makes the ground less flat. my feet are positioned in different angles each step i take, and for me, that is important. i listened to the band ponytail and got hyped and pumped and stoked. then i got to school and went up to the career counseling office. an over weight middle aged rather ugly woman gave me a yellow piece of paper and told me to fill it out. i filled it out. i gave it to the ugly woman. she looked dumb too. me and 3 other people that were too retarded to find a career they think they could handle were taken into a room that could probably fit around 300 dead bodies or so. we sat down. there was a younger woman already in the room that looked kind of pretty, but at some angles she didnt look very good. she seemed like a nice person. she introduced herself and the big lady did too. then

fuck it. i quit.

the big ugly lady turned out to be a really nice person, and the career counseling meeting didnt help that much but i got to make more appointments with the big nice lady and came home and sat.

i am too lazy to write a whole entry at the moment. sorry.


back in canadiana

yesterday i woke up at 6 am. my friend was already awake using the internet laying on his bed topless. his boobs werent showing because he was laying stomach down. i ate a yogurt that didnt taste that good, and then started bugging my friend by laying beside him and hugging him and making jokes. i usually get him so mad that he attacks me. i was bored and had nothing to do so i decided to eat a sleeping pill to get high. i bought some over the counter sleeping pills the day before. i took 2 before bed. it felt like air was squeezing my brain. they kind of helped me sleep but it was more of an awake sleep. i thought i would be able to sleep till 12 or so but no, i had to wake up at 6 in the morning. since i have absolutely no schedule, i just go to sleep and wake up when ever i feel like it. sometimes i dont see day light.

so i took the sleeping pill and went to the little chinese store near my apartment. i saw the woman that works there dumping out garbage at the dumpster while walking there and was disgusted. sometimes she gives me 10 cents off of items but i am still not thankful enough to appreciate that face. i bought a coca cola and came back to my place to drink it. then i took another sleeping pill. the sleeping pills werent working as good as the night before. i didnt mind because i didnt want to go to sleep anyways. i killed time by walking around the apartment, looking out the windows, making sounds with my penis.

we were supposed to buy some weed today but we didnt have any money in our bank accounts so we needed to convert the japanese money we had to canadian dollars. we got on our bikes and went to the bank. it was sunny, and i was wearing a t shirt and basket ball shorts. it felt nice. we got to the bank and i stayed out side guarding our bikes. it was pretty hot. i started to sweat. i saw a woman with a skirt on so i looked at her legs. they were ok. then i saw an indian man coming my way. he went into the bank. then my friend came out, and we decided to get a 6 pack of cheep beer. we got ourselves a pack of Lucky beers and started biking home. then my chain fell off. the chain on my bike always falls off and i dont want to take it all the way to the shop to get it fixed. i couldnt get it back on and got frustrated. i banged on the bike 2 times and my friend said he would do it. i said "what the fuck are they doing, selling us bikes that cost 300 bucks with chains falling off. what the fuck.". a lot of stuff that goes on in this city is What The Fuck.

he got the chain on and we biked home. at home i walked around the apartment.

i had some money left on my student card and was starting to feel my empty stomach complain to me, so i asked my friend if he wants to go to the university to eat. he said soon. i have to use up all the money on that card before the month ends or else it will expire. i asked him what he was going to get, and he said a chicken wrap with salad. it sounded like the healthiest thing ever. he got a plate full of fries with cheese and gravy splattered on top last time. thats how i want him to eat. i told him he wasnt allowed to order a chicken wrap. i may have hit him or insulted him or something, because he demanded me to apologize. i dont remember that part too clearly. i thought that apologizing to him was a stupid idea and kept waiting at the door and telling the pig to hurry up. then i threw my student card as hard as i could on the ground and said my stomach hurts. he looked at me and started to make the motion of throwing something towards me. his wallet hit the mattress beside me that we use instead of curtains to cover the windows. i thought he was going to throw his wallet at me. even though he didnt, it pissed me off. i ran towards him and attacked him. he started attacking me. we starting putting each other into head locks and we punched each other as hard as we could. i thew my friend down and then he got me in a lock that i couldnt get out of. we were both really pissed at each other. i reached for his face and stuck my finger in his eye. he immediately backed off and told me that poking eyes just isnt right. he went into the bathroom and then he started yelling at me again so i pushed him really hard and told him to not talk to me. he said his eye was fucked up. i was kind of shaking. i walked around the apartment slightly depressed looking out side of the window once in a while. i felt like i was a total asshole. it wasnt all my fault though. then i went into the room that i sleep in a went into the corner and covered myself in a blanket and felt really sad.

after that i came out and found my friend listening to his ipod on the couch so in a low tone of voice i told him that we should go. he said i could go by myself if i wanted, and i felt crappy. i walked around the apartment like the most unproductive loser there is. i went into the same room that my friend was in and started using the computer. he left. he was sure mad at me.

then i got a message from my weed dealer. he said hes back from where ever he was and that i could buy some pot. i was out of pot so i told him that me and my friend need a half (14 grams). a half would cost around a thousand bucks in japan. here its 100. i told my friend that we can buy pot so he got ready. i decided to take 2 more sleeping pills before i left. we left and i bought a rockstar energy drink at the chinese shop. i thought it would be perfect. sleeping pills and caffein. we rode our bikes to the school and got to the bus stop. i started drinking my drink but it didnt taste that good. the pills werent really working either. the bus was taking long and it was hot. then it came and i got on, hoping there would be some cute girl faces to stare at. i couldnt find any so i listened to music while looking out the window. then this teenish woman came into the bus and sat beside my friend that was sitting beside me. she kind of had hipster cloths on so i wanted to see her face. most hipster girl faces are cute. then i saw the face. it was old. an old lady. i felt like i had just made a girl friend, bought her a ring, took her home, took off her panties, only to find a small uncircumcised elephant penis staring right back at me. we got to osborne street AKA the kool part of town. its one fucking street and lots of hipsters walk around it like apes. if i was invisible and horny thats where i would go to commit unseen crimes. connection crimes. hand to ass, 1960s style. we walked to the weed dealers house and finally got there.

i messaged his cell phone telling the dealer i was at his place. after 10 minutes he came to the front of the apartment. he said whats going on and i said nothing. then i asked him the same question and got the same reply. he said his brother was visiting. i asked him if he looked like him and he laughed. we got into his place and there was a teen playing an xbox 360. the screen was a white wall with a projector pointed towards it. i said Damn. then we sat down, and he got us our weed. i looked at the teen. he was the dealers little brother. he was uglier than the dealer. the evil one. the one mom and dad had by accident. the defect. he was playing the game like there was no tomorrow.

the dealer asked if we wanted a hit out of his table bong. we said yes please. he made his table into a bong. its just a small plastic bong (probably) taped to the inside of the table. i took my hit and then everybody else took theirs except for the gaming teen defect. then the dealer asked me and my friend if we had an xbox and my friend said he did. he said he cant get it to work online and i asked if most people online are geeks. i kind of regretted the question after realizing everybody in the room was an xbox360 online user. then me and my friend left and we talked a little bit about the brother. it was the first time we were talking normally again after our big fight. then we went to the bus stop but the bus wasnt coming yet so we went to a bong shop. its called kustom kulture. they probably couldnt have thought of a more uRbAn LiFeStYLe name for the place. inside were a bunch of workers in their 20s dressed up like hippies and hipsters. we bought some screens and left. we still had time so we went to the cd shop. there wasnt anything i wanted to pay 20 bucks for. then we went outside and the bus was already at the bus stop. we ran towards it but the bus left the stop. i held my hand up to the driver because he was driving towards me and my friend. he shook his head and drove past. fucking asshole. die.

we waited for the next bus, and finally got home. we decided to eat at the chinese restaurant close to our place. before we went, we decided to get high. we had only smoked little bits of pot for a few days, so we knew we were going to get higher than normal. we smoked until we got high. we were pretty high up in the sky 420 yeah hollywood sun in my eyes yo. it felt really nice. we got out side and said Dazamn!. Zamn im high. then we got into the restaurant and ordered fried rice and some chicken vegetable dish. my bottom inner lip was starting to ache for some reason. every time my braces would hit it it would hurt really bad. i wasnt going to be able to eat. the food came, and at first i tried to eat holding my bottom lip towards my friend in front of me. the part that hurt didnt touch my braces but it looked too stupid and it was too hard. then i thought of the master plan. stuff some food in between my lip and teeth. i stuffed fried rice in there but it hurt. then i tried a piece of shrimp and it worked perfectly. i had to eat with a piece of shrimp stuck inside my mouth. it worked really good though, and after i was finished i ate the 10 minute saliva soaked shrimp. it tasted the same as the other ones. then i tried stuffing onion and stuff between my teeth and lips but the shrimp was the best. i was glad that we got shrimp. then we finished and payed.

out side was perfect. it was getting dark and the air temperature was amazing. i said lets go on a walk to my friend and he said ok. before that we would smoke more pot.

suddenly at home i started to feel a little sick. maybe it was the sleeping pills. i decided to just go to sleep. i dont know what my friend did.

i just got up an hour ago and im thinking of buying a bottle of doctor pepper. doctor pepper and weed. hell yeah? total whats up life style urban street child disaster children.


kentalopa zin zin ziiin!

i woke up and got out of my small apartment with a t shirt and boxer shorts on and went upstairs to my other small apartment upstairs. by "my", i mean my family's. my brother was at the computer, and he was on the phone. he gave it to me and said it was for me. it was my crazy bipolar disordered friend. he asked me if he could stay at my house because his parents found out about him playing slot machines every day and him getting 250000 yen (around 2500 bucks) back from this guy who scammed him into buying a "custom pro" drum set that was actually just a normal one. he owes his brother around 150000 yen so his parents would make him pay his brother back and he would be in a lot of trouble if he stayed home. i told him we could both sleep over at my other friends house. i didnt want my bipolar friend acting weird and smoking cigs in front of my parents. my mom likes to talk to my friends when they come. (what the fuck my keyboard on my lap top keeps squeaking, this is disgusting). he told me that he just needs to reactivate his bank account and he will have access to the money, and he told me he will buy me stuff. hes always kind with his money, although he doesnt know how to save.

me, my bipolar friend (ill call him bipolar from now) and my other friend who looks like an ape (ill call him ape) met at the station near my house. me and the ape had found out that absinthe is legal in japan, and we told bipolar about it and bipolar was happy. we all only had around 3 bucks each on us, so i told ape to go home to get money from his mom, for his mom wanted to try absinthe. me and bipolar would walk to a fountain downtown where we would meet and buy absinthe. before that, i asked bipolar for an anti depressant pill. he said ok and gave me and ape one each. he doesnt care about taking them. if he has the choice he wouldnt take any. the pills were the kind like xanax where it makes you calm. last time i took the pill it was the 1mg kind, but this time it was 0.5 mg. i went into a convenient store and went to the bathroom in it and put the pill in my mouth and downed it with fresh bathroom sink water. ape went to take the subway to his house to get money.

i was on my bike. a bmx bike with japanese mother bike handles and a japanese mother bike seat. japanese mother bikes are just normal cheap bikes here that are easier to ride than mountain bikes and race bikes. i slowly rode my bike while bipolar walked, and then we saw a baby pigeon on the side walk. it looked diseased. me and bipolar used to try to catch animals when we were in highschool everyday in the morning walks to school. our proudest catch was a mole. this time it was an easy catch, but there would be nothing to do with a baby pigeon so i told bipolar that we should just leave it. he looked a little sad, and we continued our walk to the fountain. before we knew it we were there and we knew ape was going to take a while, so i went to park my bike. bipolar lit up a cig, so i asked for one, bought a pepsi, and smoked it while drinking pepsi. we waited more but ape didnt come so we went to the music store and cd store nearby. then we went down to the subway station and ape came. we started walking to the alcohol shop, but we couldnt wait so i suggested for us to run. they agreed and we started running but we became tired and started walking again. after 3 minutes we were there and we bought a bottle of absinthe. the ape had brought an empty coca cola bottle and some sugar in a baggie, that looked like cocaine. we said we wished it was real cocaine. we were going to drink the absinthe in the real classy style like the europeans used to do, with a plastic bottle, toilet sink water, sugar from a baggie, and shake the bottle just like van gogh. we went into a wheel chair person bathroom in a big park and started making our fairy juice. we made it, and passed the bottle around. i started to feel a little drunk, but it was more of a light feeling which was nice. it tasted disgusting, but i wanted to feel the full effects so i kept drinking. then bipolar started impersonating famous japanese comedians. he usually doesnt do that, and it looked retarded and it wasnt funny at all. me and ape fake laughed. then bipolar suddenly became quiet and told ape not to drink any more. i asked if i was allowed and he said no at first but then he said ok. ape asked again but bipolar made a rule that the japs in the room have to take a break. i kept taking sips and it almost made me throw up. then we finished the bottle of fairy juice and went out side. i started singing the words "the green fairy of the night" in a real high voice in a real rocknroll style. bipolar kept impersonating japanese comedians, and ape started making up pop melodies with his voice. then i asked bipolar if i could have a cig, and he said ok. i told ape to smoke one too, but before that i needed to go to a vending machine to get tea so i could smoke with out getting my throat too dry. i ran to the vending machine that i saw and i started feeling hyped. i made high voices with my voice. then i bought the tea and told my friends that its kind of fun to be alone, so my ape friend went away from us. then he came back and then bipolar started telling us this story. he lived in america for 4 years when he was young so he could speak english. so could ape. bipolar was saying stuff like "hey little girl, come over here, every thing is ok. come little girl" in an old man voice. then he would say stuff like "ok. will i be ok though?" in a little girl voice. his face looked crazy while he was doing this. i laughed.

then i started singing more high voice rock melodies with green fairy influenced lyrics. bipolar repeated mine a little, and ape kept singing pop melodies. hes such a popper. then we decided to drink more green fairy, but this time we bought volvic water in a bottle from a vending machine. green fair made with water from the french alps made us say "yeah!". we went into a public bathroom nearby and mixed some fary juice and drank it. then an old business man walked in, and i said "oh my god i thought the green fairy was a beautiful girl, but its a balding stressed out business man!". typical teenage drug joke.

then we started talking about the money bipolar was going to get. he said we will go to the bank in the morning, activate his account, get the money, and go do slots. what a great way to start wasting 2500 bucks. he said we would all do 200 bucks worth of slot machine playing until we lose. unless we win, that is. i said i would rather play pachinko because at least i would get to watch little balls fall instead of just spinning images stopping with a stupid screen above it with anime characters giving you hints on when youll go into BONUS. me and bipolar went into a convenient store to look at magazines that tell you how to tell if you are playing the right pachinko machine. we looked at them for around a minute and when we came out ape was touching a tree and humming. it looked cute and funny. an ape with a tree. then bipolar and ape took a train to the train stop near apes house. i had my bike and i didnt want to pay train money so i took my bike. i listened to the strokes first album. ive been listening to panda bear and the strokes first album only these days because im sick of everything else on my ipod. then i got to the train stop 30 minutes later and found my friends looking at slot magazines in a convenience store. ape doesnt really care about slots but bipolar was teaching him about them for tomorrow. i asked how the train ride was and they told me that bipolar was playing with a business man's jacked with his ticket, and the business man walked away from them. they said it was fun.

then we got to ape's house and apes mom was there. she also looks like an ape. its kind of like being in the movie the planet of the apes when your in a room with just ape and his mom. apes mom said she was going out, and that theres meat and rice. we all cooked our own meat and ate rice with it. it was really really good. then we were all tired so we got into bed. we set the alarm to 815 because the bank and slot machine place opens at 9.

we got up at 8 15, and walked to the bank with out eating anything. as soon as bipolar got money he would buy us any kind of food we want. we were excited for the money. we got to the bank and went in and an old man that works there told bipolar he need a name stamp to activate his account. he became sad and became silent. we all walked back to apes house and ate more meat and rice. then i drank some absinthe and took 3 pills. it felt nice. my friends were telling me i was acting fucked up. then i wanted a cig but we didnt have any more so i skated to a cig vending machine really fast and bought these little cigs called hope. hope for good feelings and relaxing memories. not cancer and moms finding out about their teenage sons smoking. 2 boxes came out and i thought i got lucky at first, but it was because it was 3 bucks for 2 packs. the average price for normal sized cigs here is around 3 bucks. then i skated back while smoking a cig, then got back and felt tired, so i went in apes room and turned on panda bear on his computer and took a nap. my friends watched some movie while i was sleeping. then they said we would go to bipolars house to check if he got any bank activation mail. i said ok and got ready and we went. it took around 1.5 hours.

we got to his house at around 6, and we went into bipolars parents room to use bipolars computer. his mom put the computer in there so he would go out more instead of staying in all day. when he isnt depressed she keeps him in the house though. maybe i should be calling him ape too! the reason we went into the room wasnt for the computer, but to search for sleeping pills that bipolars mom hid from him. he got prescribed them, but he didnt use them, and he told me and ape that he would give us to them but his mom hid them because mothers think that sleeping pills are dangerous. we couldnt find them in the room, so we concluded that they must be in the kitchen where his mom hides her cigarettes. she secretly smokes, and recently the whole family found out but she still hides them and smokes when noones around. we went into bipolar's room and sat and talked. it was so boring with out a computer to look stuff up. we listened to music and laughed at the dullness of the air around us. i said i guess this is what it was like for teens in the olden days and we laughed. we wanted to eat dinner so bipolar asked his mom if theres anything to eat and she said no and gave him 5000 yen. we went to the super market and convenient store to buy food. i bought meat with miso sauce on it, a salad, and chocolate bread. ape bought a bento, which has rice and other things like meat and things in it in a plastic box. he also bought bread. bipolar bought coroke, which is kind of like deep fried mashed potatoes with bits of stuff in it, and bread. we also bought things to drink, and one bottle of zima alcoholic beverage. we basically used all the money, so we planned out some dialog to use when we got into the house to show the parents that we were guilty about using all the money. the plan was to go into the living room, show the bags of stuff, and i would say "we bought a little too much guys haha", and ape would say "i feel bad haha". bipolar would say "its ok guys we almost never do this". we got into the house, and went into the living room and made lots of noise with our plastic bags and the parents laughed and said we bought a lot. we said yeah and i said we bought too much and ape said we feel sorry but i dont think the parents heard it because we were all laughing. then we went into bipolars room and ate while listening to eric copeland, the guy from black dice. it was really funny hearing the eating sounds with the music, and it was kind of like an indie film. then we drank the rest of the absinthe that we had brought from apes house, and me and ape started drinking beer that we also brought from apes house. bipolar was starting to act like he was down after he did some japanese comedian immitations, and he said he didnt need beer. me and my friend said lets go out side, but my bipolar said he would stay in and and sleep. me and ape went to try and find camel cigs. they only sell menthol camels in most places here, so we went on an adventure to find them. we kept drinking beer and walking and it was really fun. me and ape talked about how our lives were going to be great when we move to canada and live in an apartment. weed almighty! weed for all! unlimited funness! then we went back and saw that bipolar was sleeping and started searching the kitchen for pills. we searched everywhere and found money and cigs and other medication, but we couldnt find what were were looking for. it was really sneaky searching around drawers and stuff in a persons house, but it was also fun. then bipolar came down and took a plastic bag from where they keep dishes. OH thats where the anti depressant downer pills and all were. he also found the sleeping pills, and it turned out his mom didnt hide them. he game us half of what he had, and some other pills. we were happy. then we all went to sleep.

we got up and went to the bank with a paper he got in the mail, and a name stamp, and we thought we would finally get access to 2500 bucks but the name stamp was a little different from the one he used to create the bank account, and the account would take a few days to get activated anyways even if he had the right stamp, so me and ape got on the train to go home. we were relieved. bipolar is nice sometimes, but hes hard to be with with his constant mood swings. he also kind of treats ape like shit.

i went home and slept. then got up and skated. then slept over at apes and took lots of pills and walked around. its been around 30 hours since i took all those pills now and i still feel weird. why cant i just have weed. i dont really like pills, and smoking cigs isnt what i want. i hate the uncreativity and laziness of alcohol, and the taste of absinthe. i dont like being drug free either. weed is perfect for me. a month and 2 weeks more till i go back to kanada.

a month and 2 more weeks.




its 433 am, and im laying on my futon letting the time pass. i cannot stop it, for i dont have the power. now, i shall write my entry in my blog about my life. it is to be read, so i will write it now.

it all started when i asked my friend who has bi-polar disorder if i could have some of his medication. if you dont know what bi-polar is, its when you get really depressed for a while, then you get really socially active and you are really positive and you cant stop thinking. i have been friends for a long time with him, and i must say that i like him way better when he is depressed and relaxed.

for a while he had been telling me that his pills dont do anything and that he wouldnt take them if his mom didnt force him to. he also told me he got sleeping pills and that he didnt need them, so i sent him an email asking him if i could have some pills for 500 yen. he said ok, and we made plans to meet at 10 pm in 2 days at the station he lives closest to.

i forgot what i did the day after that, but i remember that i drank a little and went to sleep at 12 pm and got up at 4 am and couldnt get back to sleep. i killed time on my lap top till 9, and then ate some pilaf rice and fruit juice. i am kind of on a diet right now because my braces made my crowded teeth straight, and that made my jaw bigger, which made my face a little bigger and a little fatter. i am trying not to drink any drinks with sugar in them, other than beer.

i met my best japanese friend who is moving to canada with me in july, and we walked over to a station where japan railroad trains go through. the bi polar friend lives out side of the city so we needed to take the JR trains. we walked into the station, to find a treat. THE CAN LICKER! there is this middle aged short man that walks around the area that i live in that is ALWAYS licking an empty can. i saw him a week ago with my friend and he made this animal growl noise when we passed him. we were excited. this time, he was leaning on one of the ticket machines. he was licking the can furiously like i would like a cute teen girl with brown long hair's legs and pussy. we got our tickets, and went through the ticket machine and i told my friend to wave at the can licker. he did, but the licker didnt respond. maybe next time!

we waited for a train and we got in, and there was this woman with her child. for some reason i kept looking at the woman. the more i looked at her, the more disgusting she looked. she looked normal at first sight, but constant looks at her made her look like a witch. we got to the station at 10:08 and we found the bi polar friend. he was a little fat. he gained weight from one of the pills that hes taking, but he doesnt seem to care. i said hey to him but he didnt respond and kept looking down. i thought he was mad because we were 8 minutes late. then he said hi and gave us the pills in this cute paper bag with flowers on it. he always makes boring jokes like ignoring you and then suddenly talking to you. i dont know how many times ive faked laughed while with him. we said thanks, bye, but he said hes going our way because he wants to play slot machines. hes addicted to them. he keeps saying hes almost going to win and uses all his money till he loses it all. it was better in the old days though. the summer he started the slot business was good and he earned around 4000 dollars. then he lost it all and now you cant win that much at all with slot machines. he said he was going to play with 2000 yen, which is funny because its almost impossible to go into BONUS with that amount of money. with japanese slots, you need to go into BONUS to make money. he got off at his station, and me and my friend headed to my friends house.

we checked the pills and there were only 2 sleeping pills. we were a little disappointed. now my friend had to steal some from his retarded grandma for next time. we got to his house, ate some rice and looked up the other pills we got on the internet. they were all downer drugs that could be used recreationally. we gave each other a hi 5 and ya brotha.

then we took a 5 hour nap. then we got up and went to the video shop. we searched and found one called pafe oyaji, which means pafe man. pafe is some foreign desert. its usually in a martini glass and it has wip cream and chocolate and stuff in it. we looked at the back of the dvd box and it showed a shameful looking japanese business man doing things. me and my friend are a huge fan of japanese business men that act funny, so we rented it. we got home, and watched. we thought it would be about a business man dancing around and doing funny jokes, but it was 7 short stories. it was 7 short stories of people having a conversation at a family restaurant with the business man near them. then at the end of each one the business man goes and pays and says something thats supposed to be funny and clever. it was fucking awful. the first one is a woman on her cell phone getting mad at her boy friend on the other side of the phone because he cheated on her. she keeps hanging up, but he keeps calling. at the end the businessman goes, "she should just, turn off her phone" and then the thing ends. what the fuck. we laughed at the shittiness of it, and then drank one beer and took a sleeping pill. we went out side and started walking around. my friend said he was feeling it, and i was a tiny bit. it was a dreamy effect but it wasnt that strong. then we got a peach alcohol beverage at a convenient store and shared it. then we went to another convenient store and got an energy drink. we went to a park and my friend was saying damn this feels good. he said "sleeping pills forever. well, not forever". we only speak english to each other when we are on drugs. his fuckedupness made me really mad. i asked for a cig and we both smoked a cig while drinking the energy drink. i kept walking away from him because i was jealous of his effects. i was only feeling it a little. then i got an idea. take one of those downer pills. we went back to his house, and i took 3 quarters of a pill and my friend took the left quarter. we waited a little and i thought i needed more so i took another type of downer pill and took 3 quarters of it and gave my friend the other quarter. we went out side and my friend listened to his ipod. i didnt have mine so i walked around making noises with my voice. i did them really loud and the vibration kind of felt nice. i kicked all the signs that i saw, and i was kind of pissed off for some reason. we got to a convenient shop an bought 2 boiled eggs and 2 red bulls. then we went to a little grocery store beside it and bought bread. we were using my money, and i realized that i used 3000 yen of the 5000 yen my mom gave me in one day. i was supposed to use it for 5 days, and i got mad at my friend. i started calling him a stupid pig and telling him to give me back my money. this continued for 5 minutes untill he pushed me and then i hit his head. then he hit my chin and i threw him and held his neck and told him to stop. he gave me another punch and said ok its over. i gave him another and told him its really over now. the battle ended. we were really pissed off at each other. the walk back to his house was normal. i asked him how out fight was but he didnt want to talk about it. we both talked about how much better it would be if we had some weed. then we got home and i took another pill and took a shower and went to sleep in his room.

we were supposed to get up at around 10 so we could go to the bank and post office to send my friends visa application stuff for canada. i kept having dreams of waking my friend up and asking what time it is and getting awful responses like 3 pm and 2 pm. i thought we got enough sleep and woke him up and asked him what time it was and he said 2 47. i said what the fuck do you think youre doing. he said he set 2 alarms. i was really mad because my mom organized all of the visa stuff and she made a deadline for him to send it in, and it was already 3 days past the dead line that she made. i called him a fat pig asshole.

we ate some rice, and decided to take a pill before i go. we walked to his station and took the pill in the bathroom. our plan was to get off at a station a little walk from the station closest to my house and walk while on the pill. this time we knew not to get mad at each other and we were relaxed. we felt like cigs so we bought a pack and walked around smoking. it was nice. it was like a straight calm high. not good not bad. then we got to the station near my house. my friend said bye, but i said come a little closer to my house. i always make him come a little closer. he always says no at first but i always get him to. then we lit one more cig up, and i walked home smoking it, trying not to get any of the smoke on my cloths. i dont want my mom and dad to find out about me smoking sometimes. my throat felt dry and i ran so i could get to the water fountain near my house. i got there and drank water, and got home. it was nice at home. talking to my parents was even semi-enjoyable. i wished i could be on that pill always when im alone. then i would never be bored.

fast forward 24 hours.

me and my friend decided to take the remaining pills. 4 pills for him, 5 for me. we walked around his house and had a real great time. we got on a seesaw at a park, and i listened to a four-tet song called hilarious movies of the 90s which is a beautiful song. i went up and down, and realized something amazing. i dont remember what it is now.

i cant wait till i move to canada with my japanese friend. we are going to buy a normal sized glass bong, a cheap vaporizer, and go to places to smoke blunts. we are both really excited and we wish we could go tomorrow.



too laaaazyyyy



i woke up at 5 pm today. i went to sleep at 7 am, and i wanted to sleep more but i knew i would totally screw up my schedule if i slept for any longer. i have missed classes yesterday and missed my only one today that was from 11 30 till 2 30. these past few days have been tough because of my cold, but it finally seems to be going away.

i walked over to one of the donut and coffee shops on campus and stood in line listening to crystal castles on my i pod. i was listening to them a little loudly and it must have sounded like i was listening to lame geeky techno. no, i was listening to indie hipster electronic music. it was finally my turn to order. i ordered a small coffee with lots of sugar and milk in it, some berry yogurt, an apple juice, a toasted bagel with cream cheese on it, and 3 donuts. i have this card that has a bunch of money on it that you can only use in some stores on campus. it came with my dorm meal plan. i still have around 200 bucks on it and it feels like you are getting stuff for free when you use it. thats why i ordered so much crap. i took it all and sat down and listened to more crystal castles and ate the yogurt and drank the apple juice. then i ate half of the bagel and i didnt like it so i threw the other half away for the rats to eat. then i took my coffee and 3 donuts and walked back to my room while drinking my sweet creamy coffee.

i killed time by listening to music and looking at music reviews on the internet. then it was 7 so i had to go eat. i smoked a little bit of pot like i have been doing recently. i wont be able to smoke much pot soon in japan, so i have to smoke as much as i can right now so that i become the pot master. i went to the cafeteria and put some rice, potatos, and steamed vegetables on my plate. then i splattered gravy with mushrooms onto my food. the selection today was horrible. i sat down with a cup of coke and tasted the food. even with pot the food was tough to eat. the potatos tasted like they were crushed up once, then stuffed back together and left sitting for a week. the rice tasted like it was sitting under the sun in mexico. the vegetables tasted like they had soap in them or something, and the gravy made everything look like shit.

i ate it all and went to get some more food. i saw my good japanese friend that dances to music like a toy. i took a piece of pizza and he got a sandwich and we sat and talked. the pizza looked like a piece of human flesh. the cheese looked like skin, the tomato sauce looked like blood, and the inner cheese bread looked like fat. when i tell my friends that are eating pizza that it looks like human flesh they usually stop eating and get something else to eat. its a great way to make your friends stop eating pizza. then i went to get tea and i saw the prettiest girl i have ever seen. i see her sometimes in the cafeteria but ive never talked to her. since im moving out of residence soon i probably wont ever get to talk to her unless i man up and sit next to her or something but no, id rather just think about her face.

then my and my friend finished eating and i asked him if he was going to the library after to study because thats what the japanese friends i have here always do. he said maybe, and i told him im going because i need to work on a japanese english translation project and he told me he will help me. i went back to my room and inhaled pot smoke 3 times. gotta be the pot master, never gonna give up. then i started walking over to the library. i felt like having orange juice so i put 2 bucks into a vending machine and pressed the orange juice button. it made a sound, and gave me 25 cents back. WHERE THE FUCK IS MY ORANGE JUICE i thought in my head, and i started to walk away. then i went back and stuck my hand up the part where the orange juice should have came from. some people saw me. i must have looked like a retarded teen trying to get free juice. i walked over to another vending machine and bought another orange juice with money that my mom sent me. she always makes sure i have money. even when the family is low on money. <3

this time it worked. canadian vending machines are a joke. they still use old crappy vending machines that dont work a quarter of the time. you cant use bills, and the machine that gives you coins for bills is always out of service and even when it is, you need a clean almost unused bill or else it just gives you your bill back. in japan you never have to worry about anything like that.

i got to the library and saw my japanese friend and another japanese friend. they were with a canadian and they told me that he was writing a paper on marijuana legalization. i asked him if it would become cheaper and he said he didnt know and i immediately lost interest. he said that it would enable more research on it and stuff.

then i pulled out the japanese story and we started working on it. it was hard japanese, and we talked about how it must be hard for the other students in my class that suck at japanese. after around 30 minutes of translating we flipped a page and saw a drawing i did of a guy bad tripping on some kind of drug covered in sweat with his eyes screwed up. we both laughed and the other japanese friend that is around 24 years old came over. he looked at it and laughed. they think im really creative. the drawing wasnt that creative. i use honorifics when i talk to to the 24 year old guy, which means that i basically add "sir" after each sentence. in japanese you have to use honorifics to older people than you and its way more complicated then just adding "sir" to the end of the sentence. i dont like using it because it makes you sound like a slave. i almost never use it but one day i was with my japanese friends and we decided that i would use honorifics to the oldest of us. it makes it hard to talk to him, but it shows respect and he is nice so its fine.

we worked on my translation thing for a little more, and then came closing time. we left and i told them about my the vending machine stealing my orange juice. we made fun of vending machines here and laughed. then we got to the vending machine that stole my money and the old guy said that he will buy another one and see if 2 will come out. he said he was scared because either none could come out, one could come out, or 2 could come out. he put a coin in and it came out. we laughed. he didnt even consider that option. unable to buy. he put another one in and it also came out. we laughed. then the other guy put a coin in and it worked. we laughed again because of the randomness of it. he was able to put in all of his coins with any coming out. we all took a deep breath of air. he pressed the orange juice button, and the machine stopped for a few seconds, and then 5 drinks came out. we cheered, what an amazing miracle. he broke the curse. he gave us each an orange juice and kept the 3 other juices. we said we should write a warning for other foreign students who come from places with better technology. we couldnt think of a simple good one. i needed to go pee so i told them so and ran to the toilet near by. then i came out and we decided to write "Warning: drinks may not come out" or something like that on the warning sticker that has a picture of the vending machine falling on a person.

then i came back to my room. time to think of something to do.


boring days


i heard my red cell phone ring so i reached for it with my skin colored hand. it was my parents friend. he was going to help me with some tax papers and my paper on why i want to enter the school or art. i told him i need one more hour of sleep and one hour later he called again. he said he would pick me up in 30 minutes. i thought it would be fun to smoke a bit of pot before i met him so i took a couple of puffs. it made me feel cool. then he got to the dorms so i went out side and got into his car and we drove over to his house talking about stuff that i dont remember.

we got to his place and his gay partner was in the kitchen. i said hi to him and then their dog came running to me. the dog likes me because i pet it and play with it a lot when i go there because i get bored. they asked me if im hungry and i said yes so one of them made me a sandwich. i dont like sandwiches but it was kind of him to make me one and i ate it. curling was on and we started talking about the teams. they were hoping that either china or japan would win, but it looked like canada was going to win. they said that they hate how aggressive jennifer jones was. i didnt know that jennifer jones was aggressive because ive only seen her play once. i really like looking at her face. there is a girl in the dorms that looks exactly like her. i bet they both would be really hard to talk to, but their asses would be nice to cover with your hands. so smooth, tender, like an angel soaked in baby oil.

they had to go to some art opening and i hate going to art galleries because i always leave disappointed so i stayed at their house and wrote my paper on why i want to go to art skool. the real reason is that its the easiest way to get a degree for me and i hate studying, but i wrote a bunch of lies down. they came home and one of them checked my paper and said its good. i was relieved that it was ok. then i walked over to the cd shop. i used to buy cds every couple of days. i dont buy them at all any more. i went into the store and looked at the new releases section and saw that they had the crystal castles lp and decided to buy it. i got out of the store and made little cheerful noises with my voice. i was really happy. having an actual cd with a cd case is something i love. i wanted to get back to the gay guys' place so that i could listen. i walked fast.

the gay guys both liked the cd and told me i made an amazing purchase. the songs all sounded the same and they were all good but not amazing. i sat on the couch looking at the album art. then the dog came with a ball in its mouth but i didnt want to play the ball game. i started to pet it and it forgot about the ball. one of the guys saw me petting the dog and walked away. he must have been proud.

then supper was ready so we sat at the table. he made sticky rice for me because he knows i like it. i put some rice into my bowl and put some stir fry stuff that he made in it as well. i started eating but i couldnt taste it at all. it was because of my cold. i only ate half and started feeling a little sick. after that i played with the dog for a while and they said they will drop me off. they made me a little take home package. cookies, a sweet bun, and some of the rice and stir fry.

after i got back i slept for 2 hours and then couldnt sleep any more. i felt awful. i went on the computer and surfed the web, wondering what ill do for the rest of the night. i had absolutely nothing to do, but then one of my best friends from japan signed into MSN and i was relieved. i hadent talked to him for a while, and i didnt have to worry about boredom any more. we chatted online like nerds. then he said that he would try to get my other best russian friend ONLINE. after a little while we were all online. all on the computer. very uncool. i hadent talked to the russian friend for around 4 months. i told him im still a virgin and that i smoke pot and walk around almost every day and he told me that im so cool. like a gay cool boy. he is probably the weirdest guy i know. i told him im going to japan in 2 weeks. they both live in japan so ill get to see them very soon. i am going to punch them and grab their arms. the japanese guy has fat arms and the russian guy has skinny arms. for some reason i love grabbing their arms. they dont like it when i grab. i dont care i just wanna have fun!

i chatted online for 5 hours. pretty shameful, but it killed a lot of time. then i started feeling sick and realized i hadent ate for a long time so i took the rice and stir fry out of the fridge and ate a bit of it. i didnt care about the taste. it was cold and sick, but i needed some food in me. i felt a little better so i took a shower and came back to my room. i packed some weed in my apple, and attached it to my home made plastic bottle bong. i toked at 6 am, and it felt great. i was already feeling weird because of the cold, but the pot made it even weirder. then i layed in my bed and closed my eyes and saw cool colors. i started imagining different images in my head. weed when you have a cold is just like taking a trip into the psychedelic world of saikadelika.


i checked my clock. it was one. i missed my japanese class that starts at 12 30. i skipped the class so many times that if i missed 2 more i would fail. now that i missed todays class i cant miss any more. i think school is done in a week or something though. i dont give a damn, as long as i get ok grades.

i went to the cafeteria and there wasnt much food because it was just before dinner time starts. i went to the stir fry section and ordered some chicken stir fry dish. i got some coke and orange juice and sat down. i didnt feel like eating at all, and i could only take a couple of bites. i sat for a bit more and left. i got back into my room and thought about what to do. i had a great idea. i would become the master of bation! the god of white! i looked at some public flash porn and jacked off. after that i listened to the song "irene" by caribou a bunch of times. i love it. then i went to the bank machine and checked if i had any money but i didnt. i had 15 bucks, and i was basically out of pot. i phoned the pot dealer on campus and went to his room. he was with the biggest pot head in residence. he is high all day. i fainted and had a small seizure when i first smoked with him when i first came to canada. i asked how much i could get for 15 bucks and the dealer thought a little and told me almost 2 grams, i said cool thanks and then he said actually 1.5 grams. i said ok, slightly disappointed. he put it in a little baggy with the canadian flag on it. i left the room, and got back into my room to take the stems off of the weed. i looked at the baggy and instead of a maple leaf there was a red pot leaf. then i took all of the stems out of my weed and put it back into the baggy.

i decided to go eat dinner at 7. i thought it would be a good idea to smoke some pot before i went and ate so that i could eat more than i would with out pot. i smoked around 0.1 grams and it felt fuckin AAA. it made me feel smooth. i walked over to the cafe and inside, i saw my korean friend and started talking to him. then i saw my japanese friend. we sat together and talked about my cold and ate.

i came back to my room and started listening to crystal castles. then i picked up my bass guitar and thought of something cool so i recorded it and recorded more stuff. i havent been recording that much so it was new and fun, and it was easier to come up with new ideas. i kept recording stuff and erasing and i finally came up with around 7 seconds of music that i like. i was a little bit happy. then i read peoples posts on the SLAP skateboard message board and decided to update this blog. writing blogs about boring days isnt that fun, but i feel better that i finished it now. i dont know what im going to do now. ive only been up for 8 hours and im not tired. 2 more weeks of living alone in residence.


day day

i woke up to dumb teenage girls talking about how drunk they were last night. i tried to sleep more laying in my bed, sheets unwashed for months. the pigs wouldnt stop squeeling so i banged my desk beside my bed. they didnt seem to hear it. after around 10 minutes of girl talk, they finally went away. i still couldnt sleep. probably because i have a fuckin cold. i have had a cold for 3 days now and its not getting any better.

i finally got out of bed 2 hours later, 1 30 pm, and stepped over my huge pile (mountain) of cloths in the middle of my room. my room is covered in cloths, paper, and tons of tissue. i put on my pants, socks, and shoes and went to the cafeteria to eat breakfast.

i walked to the cafeteria, which is around 100 steps away from my room. I went in and gave a chinese girl with an ugly smile my card, and she handed it back to me like a normal girl would. i dont ever get up this early on saturdays so i usually miss lunch, which ends at 2 pm, and lunch time on saturday is breakfast. there were dry pancakes, oily bacon with lots of fat on it, crispy almost potatoless hash bits, and steamed beans and carrots that taste toxic. i took some pancakes, put some syrup on them, and went to eat them in the corner of the cafeteria, where there are big windows and you can see out side. it was snowing like crazy even though its almost april. my plans to skateboard were crushed into little bits, eaten, and shitten out with disgusting corn bits in it. then i went to see what else the cafeteria had to offer me, and i found some fruit. i never eat fruit any more, and this was a good chance to eat some so i put some in a bowl, but right as i was doing that, my japanese friend hit the back of my legs with his knees. my knees were so straight that the sudden bend shocked me. what a classic joke. good old prank. he went and got a hamburger and fries. i only got fries because i need to eat hamburgers with the top bun off using a knife and fork because i have braces. pink braces. i got them 4 months ago. not many people know that i have braces unless i tell them because i hide them. but sometimes i accidently show a glimpse of them when i laugh or talk.

i told my friend about how i made marijuana butter last night and ate it and nothing happened and wasted 10 bucks on the weed, and how my neighbors are loud all night and wake up early and talk loudly right next to my room. i think my neighbor is having a sleep over party with lots of teen girls. they all sound dumb and act the same. i hate girls like that. at least try to sound smart you stupid heads.

i couldnt sleep at all and then when i finally did, they woke me up, and having a cold makes it 10 times harder to live like this. its like im being tortured. i kind of understand how slaves in china and starving people in poor countries feel like now.

then my friend gave me an idea. go to the gym. i dont have a gym pass so i never go, but i heard that you can use someone elses pass and get away with it. i knocked on a japanese girls door that has a gym pass. she wasnt there. then i mailed another japanese friend asking him if i could use his gym pass. i jacked off while waiting for a reply. he said ok so i went and got the card and went to the gym.

by the time i left my room the nice looking snow had stopped falling and it was wet everywhere. it felt bad. i got to the big gym and swooshed my friends card through the gate and it let me in. i tricked the machine. or did the machine trick me? (find out later).

i got in and walked around trying to find the sauna and pool room because those were the two places i wanted to use. after seeing many un erected penises, hair, and man faces i found both the pool room and the sauna. i put my bathing suit on, and went to the sauna after getting myself wet under a shower. the sauna was way hotter than the japanese saunas that i had been in. i guess the japanese people cant take the heat. or maybe the canadians want to take the pain to be a real bro. either way, it was so hot that i was even wetter than i had been before. my arm pits were bleeding sweat, my dick was pissing sweat, and my brain was sweaty so i couldnt think straight. an old man came in. great. competition. he sat down. we sat in silence, waiting for the winp to leave in shame, to see who the real man is. i couldnt take the heat any more. i left. i was feeling a little dizzy, and the walk over to the pool was psychedelic. i got into the pool, and a guy looked at me. i did a little bow with my head and turned away. then i looked at him again and he looked at me and asked me if i wanted to race. i really didnt want to, because i just wanted to take it easy because i have a cold, but i took the challenge. i beat him, but i felt beaten, as if i had beaten my meat nonstop for 100 beatin' hours. i thought it was over, but he said lets race again, and i said ok because he looked like he really wanted to again. he beat me, and i tired myself out, and then he asked for a third race, and i only made it half way and swam the rest really slowly. then he threw a brick in the water and went and got it, and asked me if i could do it. the guy wouldnt fucking stop. i tried to get the brick but my nose felt weird under the deep water and the brick was too heavy and i was too tired. i told him its because i had a cold, and it mainly was but i felt like a fake ass liar. then this fat asian guy rushed towards us, looked at our faces, dived into the water and got the brick, and threw it onto the pool side like an animal, and looked at our faces again. i looked down. what an ass.

i left the pool, and started to feel a little sick. i realized that i had made a big mistake by accepting those challenges, the card machine had tricked me into destroying myself. i felt sicker and sicker, so went to take a shower. then i went in the sauna thinking it would make me feel better, and went to change. i felt pretty bad, and i had to change. i put my cloths on and when i put on my t shirt it was wet. i forgot that i accidently sprayed water onto myself when i was still wearing it while i was testing out the showers. i didnt want to wear the thing, so i put on my fleese jacket. my back was still a little wet and it felt very awful. the water stayed on my back, but i just wanted to get to my room so i could lay on my bed. i put my sweaty socks on, and left.

i felt like throwing up the whole way home, and by the time i was at my building i had to run so that i could throw up somewhere where no one would see me. i ran to my room, took off my jacket, and rushed to the bath tub room. i puked in the sink topless like britney or paris or the pussy cat dolls would do. i felt better right after, and hopped into my dusty but surprisingly comfortable bed and watched a south park episode on the laptop like a geek. then i managed to sleep in silence for an hour or two, and went to eat dinner at 7 because the cafeteria closes at 8. after 8 nothing is open and all you can do is order pizza like a little rat. i ate a lot because i threw up all that was in me. i felt ok, but i still had a runny nose, and the rim of my nose hurts from so many tissue papers scraping away at it. then the japanese guy that lent me his gym pass said he wanted to come to my room just to chill and hang with urban style. i said ok so we went to my room and listened to music while talking about sex. i asked him how it was and he said that jacking off is easier and better unless you're in love with the girl. then an iranian guy knocked on my door. we are "friends" but i dont really enjoy being with him. his english jokes are awful. i said i have a cold the other day and he said i must have the cold because im cold because i was wearing a sweater. i didnt even get it and he explained it, rethought it, and admitted it was terrible. he came into my room, and we started talking about (MIGHT BE A LITTLE BORING FROM HERE TILL END OF CONVERSATION) producers of music. he told me that it is really important to know how the producer puts his feelings into the music. i told him that you cant translate direct feelings into music, and that it doesnt matter how the producer feels, its all about how you feel when you listen to the sounds. then we started talking about feelings like love, and i told him its just a word and that there is no one feeling that is Love, its just a categorization of similar feelings. then the dumb teenage girl that i never talk to that lives next door knocked on my door and told me that im high and that i smell high even though i wasnt. my eyes were a little red from my cold, but that was all. then her and a group of friends told me that they will knock on my door after they go to the bar and we can drink together. i said ok, and shut the door. i like free drugs. then we got into our deep conversation again. the iranian guy said that justice is the same for everyone and there is a right and wrong for everything. me and my japanese friend told him that he could be right if there was some kind of god, but everyone can also have their own rights and wrongs and there could be no universal Right and Wrong for everything we do (which sounds more logical). we talked about this for around 2 or 3 hours, and he wrote his conclusion down. then the dumb girl knocked on my door and said she wanted to get high. she told the japanese guy and the iranian guy that we should all smoke but they said no. they had both never tried the drug, but they werent against it either. she insulted them, and then insulted the iranian guys english by asking him why he goes to this school with english like his. i still wanted to get high with her and the japanese guy and iranian guy left. i packed some weed in my apple and we went out side and smoked some but the wind was too strong and there was a security van near by and i didnt get to smoke at all, and then a guy waiting for his pizza delivery came up to us and i offered him a hit but he said no. he told me that he likes it so much that he stays away from it, and i said oh thinking it was total bull shit, and he told me that i know what hes talkin about. what people will do to look cool. and then i passed the girl the apple and the weak little bitch was like "im ok" and then she fell in the snow while we walked back and it looked very funny. then we met up with some other people and there was a guy wearing lakais so i asked him if he skates and he said yeah its all i fuckin do. i wondered if he could beat my new learned front side flips, or my unforgettable casper stalls. then the dumb bitch said shes going back to our building so i followed. another guy was there, and she started talking to him against the wall. i was by a water fountain so i took a sip. they still werent walking and they were getting closer to each other. how was i going to get out of the awkwardness. then i took another sip. 3 sips would be the limit. i took my last sip and they were still up against the wall. i said bye and the dumb bitch was like "thanks for getting me high" with out even. i felt used. i walked back, thinking damn some girls suck and started to get really sad. then i thought about how it would be useless to get sad and started thinking about other fun stuff. then i wondered why humans become sad over stupid stuff like that, and wondered if me stopping my sadness would pile up and stress me out even more. i decided to stay with the positive flow and went back to my room and got a text message on my cell phone. "are you high ? :D" from the japanese guy. i told him i didnt really get high but i got to watch a sort of fat stupid teen fall in the snow. i wanted to finish the job so i toked some more knowing that i shouldnt be smoking because of my cold. i didnt care, i just wanted to have fun. then the japanese guy text-message-asked me if i wanted to go to another japanese guys room and i told him i smoked some more and im a little high. he said its ok and i went. this was the first time for them to see me high (at least thats what they think he he). one guy was drunk because he went to a bar with a korean, and for some reason the one that send me the message was acting really happy. happier than always. i guess he thought he could act how ever the fuck he wants because i was high and the other guy was drunk. he asked me how i felt, and i told him im not that high, and that everything is nice and that everything seems new. the drunk guy said nice to meet you, i am the new me. i laughed. then me and the happy guy told the drunk guy about our conversation with the iranian guy, and we made it sound funny. then the guy pulled out his cell phone and showed us a gem. he had typed the iranian guy's conclusion of our argument. it was one sentence, with some grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes. it was classic. best thing ive seen. we are going to make t shirts that have that conclusion on them.

then the drunk guy played a russian corny pop song because hes studying russian and said he liked it. then the other japanese guy started swinging his head side to side enjoying the music. the stupidness of the music mixed with the stupidness of his head movements made him look like a wind up toy. he is awesome. then he played another old russian song and this time it sounded interesting. then we listened to more music on youtube, something only new age teens like us would do.

then i came back to my room, and started typing this shit out. it took me a while to type this frikin shit out. now i can read it when im older. yaay. i will go take a shower now, and then probably smoke some weed so that i can get to sleep nicely because it is very hard for me to sleep when i have a cold. i dont know if im making my cold better or worse by smoking a bit of weed before i sleep. it really helps me get rest, but i know its bad for you when you have a cold. either way, its all about tokin it up. i have been smoking a lot of pot to kill time before i go back to japan in a few weeks. there i will be with friends that are actually fun to hang out with.