back in canadiana

yesterday i woke up at 6 am. my friend was already awake using the internet laying on his bed topless. his boobs werent showing because he was laying stomach down. i ate a yogurt that didnt taste that good, and then started bugging my friend by laying beside him and hugging him and making jokes. i usually get him so mad that he attacks me. i was bored and had nothing to do so i decided to eat a sleeping pill to get high. i bought some over the counter sleeping pills the day before. i took 2 before bed. it felt like air was squeezing my brain. they kind of helped me sleep but it was more of an awake sleep. i thought i would be able to sleep till 12 or so but no, i had to wake up at 6 in the morning. since i have absolutely no schedule, i just go to sleep and wake up when ever i feel like it. sometimes i dont see day light.

so i took the sleeping pill and went to the little chinese store near my apartment. i saw the woman that works there dumping out garbage at the dumpster while walking there and was disgusted. sometimes she gives me 10 cents off of items but i am still not thankful enough to appreciate that face. i bought a coca cola and came back to my place to drink it. then i took another sleeping pill. the sleeping pills werent working as good as the night before. i didnt mind because i didnt want to go to sleep anyways. i killed time by walking around the apartment, looking out the windows, making sounds with my penis.

we were supposed to buy some weed today but we didnt have any money in our bank accounts so we needed to convert the japanese money we had to canadian dollars. we got on our bikes and went to the bank. it was sunny, and i was wearing a t shirt and basket ball shorts. it felt nice. we got to the bank and i stayed out side guarding our bikes. it was pretty hot. i started to sweat. i saw a woman with a skirt on so i looked at her legs. they were ok. then i saw an indian man coming my way. he went into the bank. then my friend came out, and we decided to get a 6 pack of cheep beer. we got ourselves a pack of Lucky beers and started biking home. then my chain fell off. the chain on my bike always falls off and i dont want to take it all the way to the shop to get it fixed. i couldnt get it back on and got frustrated. i banged on the bike 2 times and my friend said he would do it. i said "what the fuck are they doing, selling us bikes that cost 300 bucks with chains falling off. what the fuck.". a lot of stuff that goes on in this city is What The Fuck.

he got the chain on and we biked home. at home i walked around the apartment.

i had some money left on my student card and was starting to feel my empty stomach complain to me, so i asked my friend if he wants to go to the university to eat. he said soon. i have to use up all the money on that card before the month ends or else it will expire. i asked him what he was going to get, and he said a chicken wrap with salad. it sounded like the healthiest thing ever. he got a plate full of fries with cheese and gravy splattered on top last time. thats how i want him to eat. i told him he wasnt allowed to order a chicken wrap. i may have hit him or insulted him or something, because he demanded me to apologize. i dont remember that part too clearly. i thought that apologizing to him was a stupid idea and kept waiting at the door and telling the pig to hurry up. then i threw my student card as hard as i could on the ground and said my stomach hurts. he looked at me and started to make the motion of throwing something towards me. his wallet hit the mattress beside me that we use instead of curtains to cover the windows. i thought he was going to throw his wallet at me. even though he didnt, it pissed me off. i ran towards him and attacked him. he started attacking me. we starting putting each other into head locks and we punched each other as hard as we could. i thew my friend down and then he got me in a lock that i couldnt get out of. we were both really pissed at each other. i reached for his face and stuck my finger in his eye. he immediately backed off and told me that poking eyes just isnt right. he went into the bathroom and then he started yelling at me again so i pushed him really hard and told him to not talk to me. he said his eye was fucked up. i was kind of shaking. i walked around the apartment slightly depressed looking out side of the window once in a while. i felt like i was a total asshole. it wasnt all my fault though. then i went into the room that i sleep in a went into the corner and covered myself in a blanket and felt really sad.

after that i came out and found my friend listening to his ipod on the couch so in a low tone of voice i told him that we should go. he said i could go by myself if i wanted, and i felt crappy. i walked around the apartment like the most unproductive loser there is. i went into the same room that my friend was in and started using the computer. he left. he was sure mad at me.

then i got a message from my weed dealer. he said hes back from where ever he was and that i could buy some pot. i was out of pot so i told him that me and my friend need a half (14 grams). a half would cost around a thousand bucks in japan. here its 100. i told my friend that we can buy pot so he got ready. i decided to take 2 more sleeping pills before i left. we left and i bought a rockstar energy drink at the chinese shop. i thought it would be perfect. sleeping pills and caffein. we rode our bikes to the school and got to the bus stop. i started drinking my drink but it didnt taste that good. the pills werent really working either. the bus was taking long and it was hot. then it came and i got on, hoping there would be some cute girl faces to stare at. i couldnt find any so i listened to music while looking out the window. then this teenish woman came into the bus and sat beside my friend that was sitting beside me. she kind of had hipster cloths on so i wanted to see her face. most hipster girl faces are cute. then i saw the face. it was old. an old lady. i felt like i had just made a girl friend, bought her a ring, took her home, took off her panties, only to find a small uncircumcised elephant penis staring right back at me. we got to osborne street AKA the kool part of town. its one fucking street and lots of hipsters walk around it like apes. if i was invisible and horny thats where i would go to commit unseen crimes. connection crimes. hand to ass, 1960s style. we walked to the weed dealers house and finally got there.

i messaged his cell phone telling the dealer i was at his place. after 10 minutes he came to the front of the apartment. he said whats going on and i said nothing. then i asked him the same question and got the same reply. he said his brother was visiting. i asked him if he looked like him and he laughed. we got into his place and there was a teen playing an xbox 360. the screen was a white wall with a projector pointed towards it. i said Damn. then we sat down, and he got us our weed. i looked at the teen. he was the dealers little brother. he was uglier than the dealer. the evil one. the one mom and dad had by accident. the defect. he was playing the game like there was no tomorrow.

the dealer asked if we wanted a hit out of his table bong. we said yes please. he made his table into a bong. its just a small plastic bong (probably) taped to the inside of the table. i took my hit and then everybody else took theirs except for the gaming teen defect. then the dealer asked me and my friend if we had an xbox and my friend said he did. he said he cant get it to work online and i asked if most people online are geeks. i kind of regretted the question after realizing everybody in the room was an xbox360 online user. then me and my friend left and we talked a little bit about the brother. it was the first time we were talking normally again after our big fight. then we went to the bus stop but the bus wasnt coming yet so we went to a bong shop. its called kustom kulture. they probably couldnt have thought of a more uRbAn LiFeStYLe name for the place. inside were a bunch of workers in their 20s dressed up like hippies and hipsters. we bought some screens and left. we still had time so we went to the cd shop. there wasnt anything i wanted to pay 20 bucks for. then we went outside and the bus was already at the bus stop. we ran towards it but the bus left the stop. i held my hand up to the driver because he was driving towards me and my friend. he shook his head and drove past. fucking asshole. die.

we waited for the next bus, and finally got home. we decided to eat at the chinese restaurant close to our place. before we went, we decided to get high. we had only smoked little bits of pot for a few days, so we knew we were going to get higher than normal. we smoked until we got high. we were pretty high up in the sky 420 yeah hollywood sun in my eyes yo. it felt really nice. we got out side and said Dazamn!. Zamn im high. then we got into the restaurant and ordered fried rice and some chicken vegetable dish. my bottom inner lip was starting to ache for some reason. every time my braces would hit it it would hurt really bad. i wasnt going to be able to eat. the food came, and at first i tried to eat holding my bottom lip towards my friend in front of me. the part that hurt didnt touch my braces but it looked too stupid and it was too hard. then i thought of the master plan. stuff some food in between my lip and teeth. i stuffed fried rice in there but it hurt. then i tried a piece of shrimp and it worked perfectly. i had to eat with a piece of shrimp stuck inside my mouth. it worked really good though, and after i was finished i ate the 10 minute saliva soaked shrimp. it tasted the same as the other ones. then i tried stuffing onion and stuff between my teeth and lips but the shrimp was the best. i was glad that we got shrimp. then we finished and payed.

out side was perfect. it was getting dark and the air temperature was amazing. i said lets go on a walk to my friend and he said ok. before that we would smoke more pot.

suddenly at home i started to feel a little sick. maybe it was the sleeping pills. i decided to just go to sleep. i dont know what my friend did.

i just got up an hour ago and im thinking of buying a bottle of doctor pepper. doctor pepper and weed. hell yeah? total whats up life style urban street child disaster children.

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