kentalopa zin zin ziiin!

i woke up and got out of my small apartment with a t shirt and boxer shorts on and went upstairs to my other small apartment upstairs. by "my", i mean my family's. my brother was at the computer, and he was on the phone. he gave it to me and said it was for me. it was my crazy bipolar disordered friend. he asked me if he could stay at my house because his parents found out about him playing slot machines every day and him getting 250000 yen (around 2500 bucks) back from this guy who scammed him into buying a "custom pro" drum set that was actually just a normal one. he owes his brother around 150000 yen so his parents would make him pay his brother back and he would be in a lot of trouble if he stayed home. i told him we could both sleep over at my other friends house. i didnt want my bipolar friend acting weird and smoking cigs in front of my parents. my mom likes to talk to my friends when they come. (what the fuck my keyboard on my lap top keeps squeaking, this is disgusting). he told me that he just needs to reactivate his bank account and he will have access to the money, and he told me he will buy me stuff. hes always kind with his money, although he doesnt know how to save.

me, my bipolar friend (ill call him bipolar from now) and my other friend who looks like an ape (ill call him ape) met at the station near my house. me and the ape had found out that absinthe is legal in japan, and we told bipolar about it and bipolar was happy. we all only had around 3 bucks each on us, so i told ape to go home to get money from his mom, for his mom wanted to try absinthe. me and bipolar would walk to a fountain downtown where we would meet and buy absinthe. before that, i asked bipolar for an anti depressant pill. he said ok and gave me and ape one each. he doesnt care about taking them. if he has the choice he wouldnt take any. the pills were the kind like xanax where it makes you calm. last time i took the pill it was the 1mg kind, but this time it was 0.5 mg. i went into a convenient store and went to the bathroom in it and put the pill in my mouth and downed it with fresh bathroom sink water. ape went to take the subway to his house to get money.

i was on my bike. a bmx bike with japanese mother bike handles and a japanese mother bike seat. japanese mother bikes are just normal cheap bikes here that are easier to ride than mountain bikes and race bikes. i slowly rode my bike while bipolar walked, and then we saw a baby pigeon on the side walk. it looked diseased. me and bipolar used to try to catch animals when we were in highschool everyday in the morning walks to school. our proudest catch was a mole. this time it was an easy catch, but there would be nothing to do with a baby pigeon so i told bipolar that we should just leave it. he looked a little sad, and we continued our walk to the fountain. before we knew it we were there and we knew ape was going to take a while, so i went to park my bike. bipolar lit up a cig, so i asked for one, bought a pepsi, and smoked it while drinking pepsi. we waited more but ape didnt come so we went to the music store and cd store nearby. then we went down to the subway station and ape came. we started walking to the alcohol shop, but we couldnt wait so i suggested for us to run. they agreed and we started running but we became tired and started walking again. after 3 minutes we were there and we bought a bottle of absinthe. the ape had brought an empty coca cola bottle and some sugar in a baggie, that looked like cocaine. we said we wished it was real cocaine. we were going to drink the absinthe in the real classy style like the europeans used to do, with a plastic bottle, toilet sink water, sugar from a baggie, and shake the bottle just like van gogh. we went into a wheel chair person bathroom in a big park and started making our fairy juice. we made it, and passed the bottle around. i started to feel a little drunk, but it was more of a light feeling which was nice. it tasted disgusting, but i wanted to feel the full effects so i kept drinking. then bipolar started impersonating famous japanese comedians. he usually doesnt do that, and it looked retarded and it wasnt funny at all. me and ape fake laughed. then bipolar suddenly became quiet and told ape not to drink any more. i asked if i was allowed and he said no at first but then he said ok. ape asked again but bipolar made a rule that the japs in the room have to take a break. i kept taking sips and it almost made me throw up. then we finished the bottle of fairy juice and went out side. i started singing the words "the green fairy of the night" in a real high voice in a real rocknroll style. bipolar kept impersonating japanese comedians, and ape started making up pop melodies with his voice. then i asked bipolar if i could have a cig, and he said ok. i told ape to smoke one too, but before that i needed to go to a vending machine to get tea so i could smoke with out getting my throat too dry. i ran to the vending machine that i saw and i started feeling hyped. i made high voices with my voice. then i bought the tea and told my friends that its kind of fun to be alone, so my ape friend went away from us. then he came back and then bipolar started telling us this story. he lived in america for 4 years when he was young so he could speak english. so could ape. bipolar was saying stuff like "hey little girl, come over here, every thing is ok. come little girl" in an old man voice. then he would say stuff like "ok. will i be ok though?" in a little girl voice. his face looked crazy while he was doing this. i laughed.

then i started singing more high voice rock melodies with green fairy influenced lyrics. bipolar repeated mine a little, and ape kept singing pop melodies. hes such a popper. then we decided to drink more green fairy, but this time we bought volvic water in a bottle from a vending machine. green fair made with water from the french alps made us say "yeah!". we went into a public bathroom nearby and mixed some fary juice and drank it. then an old business man walked in, and i said "oh my god i thought the green fairy was a beautiful girl, but its a balding stressed out business man!". typical teenage drug joke.

then we started talking about the money bipolar was going to get. he said we will go to the bank in the morning, activate his account, get the money, and go do slots. what a great way to start wasting 2500 bucks. he said we would all do 200 bucks worth of slot machine playing until we lose. unless we win, that is. i said i would rather play pachinko because at least i would get to watch little balls fall instead of just spinning images stopping with a stupid screen above it with anime characters giving you hints on when youll go into BONUS. me and bipolar went into a convenient store to look at magazines that tell you how to tell if you are playing the right pachinko machine. we looked at them for around a minute and when we came out ape was touching a tree and humming. it looked cute and funny. an ape with a tree. then bipolar and ape took a train to the train stop near apes house. i had my bike and i didnt want to pay train money so i took my bike. i listened to the strokes first album. ive been listening to panda bear and the strokes first album only these days because im sick of everything else on my ipod. then i got to the train stop 30 minutes later and found my friends looking at slot magazines in a convenience store. ape doesnt really care about slots but bipolar was teaching him about them for tomorrow. i asked how the train ride was and they told me that bipolar was playing with a business man's jacked with his ticket, and the business man walked away from them. they said it was fun.

then we got to ape's house and apes mom was there. she also looks like an ape. its kind of like being in the movie the planet of the apes when your in a room with just ape and his mom. apes mom said she was going out, and that theres meat and rice. we all cooked our own meat and ate rice with it. it was really really good. then we were all tired so we got into bed. we set the alarm to 815 because the bank and slot machine place opens at 9.

we got up at 8 15, and walked to the bank with out eating anything. as soon as bipolar got money he would buy us any kind of food we want. we were excited for the money. we got to the bank and went in and an old man that works there told bipolar he need a name stamp to activate his account. he became sad and became silent. we all walked back to apes house and ate more meat and rice. then i drank some absinthe and took 3 pills. it felt nice. my friends were telling me i was acting fucked up. then i wanted a cig but we didnt have any more so i skated to a cig vending machine really fast and bought these little cigs called hope. hope for good feelings and relaxing memories. not cancer and moms finding out about their teenage sons smoking. 2 boxes came out and i thought i got lucky at first, but it was because it was 3 bucks for 2 packs. the average price for normal sized cigs here is around 3 bucks. then i skated back while smoking a cig, then got back and felt tired, so i went in apes room and turned on panda bear on his computer and took a nap. my friends watched some movie while i was sleeping. then they said we would go to bipolars house to check if he got any bank activation mail. i said ok and got ready and we went. it took around 1.5 hours.

we got to his house at around 6, and we went into bipolars parents room to use bipolars computer. his mom put the computer in there so he would go out more instead of staying in all day. when he isnt depressed she keeps him in the house though. maybe i should be calling him ape too! the reason we went into the room wasnt for the computer, but to search for sleeping pills that bipolars mom hid from him. he got prescribed them, but he didnt use them, and he told me and ape that he would give us to them but his mom hid them because mothers think that sleeping pills are dangerous. we couldnt find them in the room, so we concluded that they must be in the kitchen where his mom hides her cigarettes. she secretly smokes, and recently the whole family found out but she still hides them and smokes when noones around. we went into bipolar's room and sat and talked. it was so boring with out a computer to look stuff up. we listened to music and laughed at the dullness of the air around us. i said i guess this is what it was like for teens in the olden days and we laughed. we wanted to eat dinner so bipolar asked his mom if theres anything to eat and she said no and gave him 5000 yen. we went to the super market and convenient store to buy food. i bought meat with miso sauce on it, a salad, and chocolate bread. ape bought a bento, which has rice and other things like meat and things in it in a plastic box. he also bought bread. bipolar bought coroke, which is kind of like deep fried mashed potatoes with bits of stuff in it, and bread. we also bought things to drink, and one bottle of zima alcoholic beverage. we basically used all the money, so we planned out some dialog to use when we got into the house to show the parents that we were guilty about using all the money. the plan was to go into the living room, show the bags of stuff, and i would say "we bought a little too much guys haha", and ape would say "i feel bad haha". bipolar would say "its ok guys we almost never do this". we got into the house, and went into the living room and made lots of noise with our plastic bags and the parents laughed and said we bought a lot. we said yeah and i said we bought too much and ape said we feel sorry but i dont think the parents heard it because we were all laughing. then we went into bipolars room and ate while listening to eric copeland, the guy from black dice. it was really funny hearing the eating sounds with the music, and it was kind of like an indie film. then we drank the rest of the absinthe that we had brought from apes house, and me and ape started drinking beer that we also brought from apes house. bipolar was starting to act like he was down after he did some japanese comedian immitations, and he said he didnt need beer. me and my friend said lets go out side, but my bipolar said he would stay in and and sleep. me and ape went to try and find camel cigs. they only sell menthol camels in most places here, so we went on an adventure to find them. we kept drinking beer and walking and it was really fun. me and ape talked about how our lives were going to be great when we move to canada and live in an apartment. weed almighty! weed for all! unlimited funness! then we went back and saw that bipolar was sleeping and started searching the kitchen for pills. we searched everywhere and found money and cigs and other medication, but we couldnt find what were were looking for. it was really sneaky searching around drawers and stuff in a persons house, but it was also fun. then bipolar came down and took a plastic bag from where they keep dishes. OH thats where the anti depressant downer pills and all were. he also found the sleeping pills, and it turned out his mom didnt hide them. he game us half of what he had, and some other pills. we were happy. then we all went to sleep.

we got up and went to the bank with a paper he got in the mail, and a name stamp, and we thought we would finally get access to 2500 bucks but the name stamp was a little different from the one he used to create the bank account, and the account would take a few days to get activated anyways even if he had the right stamp, so me and ape got on the train to go home. we were relieved. bipolar is nice sometimes, but hes hard to be with with his constant mood swings. he also kind of treats ape like shit.

i went home and slept. then got up and skated. then slept over at apes and took lots of pills and walked around. its been around 30 hours since i took all those pills now and i still feel weird. why cant i just have weed. i dont really like pills, and smoking cigs isnt what i want. i hate the uncreativity and laziness of alcohol, and the taste of absinthe. i dont like being drug free either. weed is perfect for me. a month and 2 weeks more till i go back to kanada.

a month and 2 more weeks.


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