its 433 am, and im laying on my futon letting the time pass. i cannot stop it, for i dont have the power. now, i shall write my entry in my blog about my life. it is to be read, so i will write it now.

it all started when i asked my friend who has bi-polar disorder if i could have some of his medication. if you dont know what bi-polar is, its when you get really depressed for a while, then you get really socially active and you are really positive and you cant stop thinking. i have been friends for a long time with him, and i must say that i like him way better when he is depressed and relaxed.

for a while he had been telling me that his pills dont do anything and that he wouldnt take them if his mom didnt force him to. he also told me he got sleeping pills and that he didnt need them, so i sent him an email asking him if i could have some pills for 500 yen. he said ok, and we made plans to meet at 10 pm in 2 days at the station he lives closest to.

i forgot what i did the day after that, but i remember that i drank a little and went to sleep at 12 pm and got up at 4 am and couldnt get back to sleep. i killed time on my lap top till 9, and then ate some pilaf rice and fruit juice. i am kind of on a diet right now because my braces made my crowded teeth straight, and that made my jaw bigger, which made my face a little bigger and a little fatter. i am trying not to drink any drinks with sugar in them, other than beer.

i met my best japanese friend who is moving to canada with me in july, and we walked over to a station where japan railroad trains go through. the bi polar friend lives out side of the city so we needed to take the JR trains. we walked into the station, to find a treat. THE CAN LICKER! there is this middle aged short man that walks around the area that i live in that is ALWAYS licking an empty can. i saw him a week ago with my friend and he made this animal growl noise when we passed him. we were excited. this time, he was leaning on one of the ticket machines. he was licking the can furiously like i would like a cute teen girl with brown long hair's legs and pussy. we got our tickets, and went through the ticket machine and i told my friend to wave at the can licker. he did, but the licker didnt respond. maybe next time!

we waited for a train and we got in, and there was this woman with her child. for some reason i kept looking at the woman. the more i looked at her, the more disgusting she looked. she looked normal at first sight, but constant looks at her made her look like a witch. we got to the station at 10:08 and we found the bi polar friend. he was a little fat. he gained weight from one of the pills that hes taking, but he doesnt seem to care. i said hey to him but he didnt respond and kept looking down. i thought he was mad because we were 8 minutes late. then he said hi and gave us the pills in this cute paper bag with flowers on it. he always makes boring jokes like ignoring you and then suddenly talking to you. i dont know how many times ive faked laughed while with him. we said thanks, bye, but he said hes going our way because he wants to play slot machines. hes addicted to them. he keeps saying hes almost going to win and uses all his money till he loses it all. it was better in the old days though. the summer he started the slot business was good and he earned around 4000 dollars. then he lost it all and now you cant win that much at all with slot machines. he said he was going to play with 2000 yen, which is funny because its almost impossible to go into BONUS with that amount of money. with japanese slots, you need to go into BONUS to make money. he got off at his station, and me and my friend headed to my friends house.

we checked the pills and there were only 2 sleeping pills. we were a little disappointed. now my friend had to steal some from his retarded grandma for next time. we got to his house, ate some rice and looked up the other pills we got on the internet. they were all downer drugs that could be used recreationally. we gave each other a hi 5 and ya brotha.

then we took a 5 hour nap. then we got up and went to the video shop. we searched and found one called pafe oyaji, which means pafe man. pafe is some foreign desert. its usually in a martini glass and it has wip cream and chocolate and stuff in it. we looked at the back of the dvd box and it showed a shameful looking japanese business man doing things. me and my friend are a huge fan of japanese business men that act funny, so we rented it. we got home, and watched. we thought it would be about a business man dancing around and doing funny jokes, but it was 7 short stories. it was 7 short stories of people having a conversation at a family restaurant with the business man near them. then at the end of each one the business man goes and pays and says something thats supposed to be funny and clever. it was fucking awful. the first one is a woman on her cell phone getting mad at her boy friend on the other side of the phone because he cheated on her. she keeps hanging up, but he keeps calling. at the end the businessman goes, "she should just, turn off her phone" and then the thing ends. what the fuck. we laughed at the shittiness of it, and then drank one beer and took a sleeping pill. we went out side and started walking around. my friend said he was feeling it, and i was a tiny bit. it was a dreamy effect but it wasnt that strong. then we got a peach alcohol beverage at a convenient store and shared it. then we went to another convenient store and got an energy drink. we went to a park and my friend was saying damn this feels good. he said "sleeping pills forever. well, not forever". we only speak english to each other when we are on drugs. his fuckedupness made me really mad. i asked for a cig and we both smoked a cig while drinking the energy drink. i kept walking away from him because i was jealous of his effects. i was only feeling it a little. then i got an idea. take one of those downer pills. we went back to his house, and i took 3 quarters of a pill and my friend took the left quarter. we waited a little and i thought i needed more so i took another type of downer pill and took 3 quarters of it and gave my friend the other quarter. we went out side and my friend listened to his ipod. i didnt have mine so i walked around making noises with my voice. i did them really loud and the vibration kind of felt nice. i kicked all the signs that i saw, and i was kind of pissed off for some reason. we got to a convenient shop an bought 2 boiled eggs and 2 red bulls. then we went to a little grocery store beside it and bought bread. we were using my money, and i realized that i used 3000 yen of the 5000 yen my mom gave me in one day. i was supposed to use it for 5 days, and i got mad at my friend. i started calling him a stupid pig and telling him to give me back my money. this continued for 5 minutes untill he pushed me and then i hit his head. then he hit my chin and i threw him and held his neck and told him to stop. he gave me another punch and said ok its over. i gave him another and told him its really over now. the battle ended. we were really pissed off at each other. the walk back to his house was normal. i asked him how out fight was but he didnt want to talk about it. we both talked about how much better it would be if we had some weed. then we got home and i took another pill and took a shower and went to sleep in his room.

we were supposed to get up at around 10 so we could go to the bank and post office to send my friends visa application stuff for canada. i kept having dreams of waking my friend up and asking what time it is and getting awful responses like 3 pm and 2 pm. i thought we got enough sleep and woke him up and asked him what time it was and he said 2 47. i said what the fuck do you think youre doing. he said he set 2 alarms. i was really mad because my mom organized all of the visa stuff and she made a deadline for him to send it in, and it was already 3 days past the dead line that she made. i called him a fat pig asshole.

we ate some rice, and decided to take a pill before i go. we walked to his station and took the pill in the bathroom. our plan was to get off at a station a little walk from the station closest to my house and walk while on the pill. this time we knew not to get mad at each other and we were relaxed. we felt like cigs so we bought a pack and walked around smoking. it was nice. it was like a straight calm high. not good not bad. then we got to the station near my house. my friend said bye, but i said come a little closer to my house. i always make him come a little closer. he always says no at first but i always get him to. then we lit one more cig up, and i walked home smoking it, trying not to get any of the smoke on my cloths. i dont want my mom and dad to find out about me smoking sometimes. my throat felt dry and i ran so i could get to the water fountain near my house. i got there and drank water, and got home. it was nice at home. talking to my parents was even semi-enjoyable. i wished i could be on that pill always when im alone. then i would never be bored.

fast forward 24 hours.

me and my friend decided to take the remaining pills. 4 pills for him, 5 for me. we walked around his house and had a real great time. we got on a seesaw at a park, and i listened to a four-tet song called hilarious movies of the 90s which is a beautiful song. i went up and down, and realized something amazing. i dont remember what it is now.

i cant wait till i move to canada with my japanese friend. we are going to buy a normal sized glass bong, a cheap vaporizer, and go to places to smoke blunts. we are both really excited and we wish we could go tomorrow.

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