normal day

today, i woke up at 12:15. i really didnt want to go to class but i havent been going at all so i went. i washed my face, got dressed, and went to class. its getting really cold. i told my mom its getting too cold on the phone on sunday and she told me to walk faster, so i usually run to class now. i got to class and saw all of the geeks. all of the people in advanced japanese class are anime nerds. one guy always wears stupid shirts with stuff like "I dont know your name, so ill just call you STUPID". he had his hair dyed red and green. Christmas spirit. while doing excercises, i wrote my diary that we have to hand in every monday for class. then i started studying for the test that i was supposed to take on friday, but slept in. the teacher wrote 4 questions on the board and it took everybody around 10 minuts. it seriously took my around 10 seconds. it was the easiest excercise this term. then after class i went to the teacher and asked if i could take the test, so i walked to the office with her and took the test. i probably got an A.

then i went to eat. i had fries. they are my favorite kind of food. i sat with a korean guy and an african guy. then i went into my room and took my last pain killer pill. i had saved the last one for a school day.

then i went to class. i wore my winter jacket for the first time to class today so some people told me that they liked my jacket. i wanted to say something clever back, but i could only thing of "thanks". i was supposed to teach the class today, so i had my little note book with ideas for what to do for class that i wrote 20 minuts before class in my pocket. first we had to go to the computer lab and watch some art work by a guy in our class. it was a slides with sentences and words in them. they were so fuckin funny. they were really serious, and this really emotional back ground music was playing. then the guy explained the piece, and he said that the Lord put us on earth. i finally figured out which person complained to my teacher about my art project about religion. i had pictures of 30 year old men jacking off with their mothers opening the door saying "oh God" and fat guys fucking sluts yelling out "oh my GOD" and other God and Jesus related pics and quotes. my teacher only told me that someone in the class complained. not who. now i know.

after we watched the emo slids, we went to the class room and i waited out side while the teacher made everybody sit in rows. boys werent allowed to sit beside each other. then i went in, and told them to do stuff like draw 2cmX2cm abstract drawings and draw their favorite pop star with 3 year old versions of themselves. i also made people draw something they hate and throw it in the garbage. then we did collage party. i colored words. this is what art school is.

class ended and i realised that the pain killer i took didnt effect me at all. then i went and ate dinner before my next class. i sat with only asians. to come to think of it, i basially only sit with asians. sometimes the odd african or cock asian, but its usually by myself or with a yellow man. the yellow men are fun and easy to hang around with most of the time.

then i went to film class and watched a movie called hard core logo. it was ok. then i sat and listened to the teacher talk about the plot till 10pm. i started walking home, but i realised how long it was going to take so i ran. i had my hands in my pocket, so i didnt really look that cool. it was a sneaky run. like a run you would see someone run when they wanted to get home to jack off. thats exactly what i fucking did. a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do. Cheers.

then i went to a japanese friends room and talked about a girl he likes in japan and then his room mate got pizza so i ate a piece. i can understand people with room mates ordering pizza, but i would rather get one of my balls squeezed than ordering pizza for myself at night. its so creepy. like a rat that wants food. if anybody saw me ordering a pizza what would they think? ewwww what a fat rat. thats what they would think. thats why i dont order.

then i went back to my room, and ate a banana. its cold in my room for some reason, so i have to wear a fleas jacket and a scarf. i dont know what im going to do now.

so long forever!


legally high

today i woke up at around 3 in the morning and took some tylenol pills. i tried to go back to sleep again but i couldnt, so i lay in bed listening to music. at first i was listening to slow music but then i said fuck it and put some lightning bolt on and had a bed party by myself. i kept picking up books, reading the first page, then listening to music, and taking pills every 3 hours till around 9 am. at 9 am, the 2 guys woke up that are taking care of me during this wisdom teeth removal recovery. i had to get 5 teeth pulled out. one of the guys made me one egg and a piece of toast that he cut up into little pieces and put lots of butter on it. i chewed it with my toung and ate most of it. i felt pretty drugged up so i wanted to go for a walk, so i went to the movie shop with the other guy and their dog. we went to block buster and rented broken flowers because i have to write a paper on it for monday. when we got home i felt like throwing up so i took a nap. after a one and a half hour nap i asked for one of the guys to make some ginger tea for me, and i put some classical cds they had on. after the tea, i decided to go out to buy a cd. i walked to the cd shop. on the way there i found a needle on the ground. i kicked it into some grass so that i could investigate it on my way home. i thought it could be heroine. i was pretty damn excited. i have never seen any hard drugs. if it was heroine, i was going to decorate it in my dorm room. after i got close to the cd shop i started seeing lots of people. they all looked at me and some of them kind of laughed. my huge cheeks make me look like a walking joke. then in the cd shop, i took the new black dice cd and the new most serene republic cd and asked them if i could listen to it. they talked to me with sympathy. they probably thought i was born with these cheeks. they told me to go to listening station 4, so i halled my fat ass cheeks to the listening station and started listening to black dice. i was pretty let down. im a fan of their music, but it sounded the same as their older cds. it sounded worse actually. then i listened to the most sereene republic. ive heard the first song on the internet, and i love it, but i didnt know about the other tracks. then i asked the girl working at the cd shop for recommendations. she asked what kind of music, so i said pop. she said 'like spoon?' and i said 'umm yeah maybe with a higher voice'. then she told all the people working there that i was looking for music like spoon but with a higher voice. i must have looked so dumb. then she asked me if i had the new band of horses and i said yeah. then she put some cd onto the listening station so i halled my big ass cheeks to the listening station. at this point my cheeks were touching the ground. i was dragging them, and they were wet, so they would leave a little trail of liquid behind me. i feared that the cheeks would get so big that my body would get eaten up.

i listened to the cd she put on, but it wasnt that great. nothing special to me. i went to look for more cds. i was determined to buy at least one cd. then i picked up a cd that looked punkish, and an old magnetic feilds cd. i asked the girl if i could listen to them, and she looked kind of pissed. people act different to you when you look weird and ugly. i said thanks and went and listened. they both were ok, but nothing too special. i felt like i had to buy at least one cd, so i bought the most serene republic (am i even spelling it right?) and walked out. i went to the heroine needle, and picked it up. it had nothing left in it, so i took the cap off. the needle wasnt there any more. i was pissed. i walked home and listened to the cd while drawing shitty pictures of myself and my cheeks. the dog kept coming up to me with a ball. it was starting to get really annoying. it would touch me with its wet nose, and i would have to pet it, because the owners love it so much. i like the dog but i wish it would leave me alone sometimes.

at 5 pm me and the 2 guys went to a christmas parade. everything was starting to piss me off. it was probably the pills that i was taking. i started making fun of everything like the advertizements and the dumb people in the parade. i think the 2 guys had enough of me, but they kept being nice although they would never start conversations. they are nice for taking care of me, so i kind of felt bad so i started trying to act really nice. then we got home and they made me my favorite kind of food. japanese style rice with flavored meat ontop. i couldnt chew it and my mouth hurt, and it made me feel sad because i couldnt eat it. they kept saying how good it turned out, and i wanted to cry. then i took a bath and took some pills and went to bed. a few hours later i woke up in pain, so i went to get more pain killers. i took them and drank some chocolate milk and them made myself some tea. my plan was to write the broken flowers paper at night, so i guess thats what im going to do right now. the last thing i want to do right now is write a stupid paper. essays are so stupid. but i guess the more bad things you go through, the better the good things in life will seem.



yesterday, i woke up at 1 30. i wanted to sleep more, but lunch is until 2 pm at the cafetiria. i went there and put 2 pieces of french toast on a plate. then i saw a japanese friend, so i went and ate with him. my hair seemed to be standing up in one spot, so i got comments about that. my brain doesnt work in the morning that well. a few days ago, a guy asked me if i was high when he talked to me in the morning. i wasnt high. just sleepy. i ate the 2 pieces of dry french toast and drank milk and talked about what we do everyday. he told me that he studies in his room a lot. he must jack off a lot.

then i went to another japanese friends room to see his new hair cut. i heard from a friend the night before that he got drunk by himself and shaved his own head. i saw him and he looked like a monkey. i saw his lighter, and asked him if he's ever sprayed paint at a fire. he said no, and he wanted to see what its like. we didnt have any spray paint, so we took his room mates hair spray and went out side. out side we saw a guy who is friends with everyone. he is good looking and he fucks a lot of women. i dont really like hanging out with him although he is nice to me. i never have anything to day. we lit the lighter and sprayed the spray at the fire. it wasnt that amazing. we laughed at it a little and decided to go back inside. then me and my japanese friend went to IQs, a coffee shop with pool tables. all the places to hang out on campus have lame names that make me mad. the bar is called Wise Guys, and there is a place to eat called Degrees. Fuck.

i bought chocolate milk and challenged my friend to a pool match. the loser has to pay for the table. i lost and had to pay him 3 bucks and 50 cents. im pretty low on money since i got fined 50 bucks for smoking weed right out side of the residence building. then we got sick of each other so we said bye to each other and left each other. i dont remember but i think i jacked off in my room after that.

then i decided to take a bus to downtown and walk around because i had absolutely nothing to do. i took a 30 minute bus ride. i walked around and saw around 100 native people smoking cigarettes. then i went into a mall, but everything was closed. i didnt know that everything closes at 5 pm on sundays. it was cold out side and i had nothing to do. i started feeling sad. then i decided to walk over to another part of town. i started walking, and i started making noises with my voice. i also started singing wolf parade songs to myself and it felt cool. a guy saw me singing. i dont know what he thought of me.

i got to the part of town i was walking to after around 30 minutes of walking. i thought i would check out a book shop that i saw when i was riding on the bus. i walked half way there and decided that ill just go back to univeristy. i went to the bus stop and saw my american friend. i walked up to him from behind and suddenly opened his back pack. he looked back and said hey fucker. i asked him if he thought some person was trying to steel stuff from his back pack. he told me he didnt knwo what was going on. we rode the bus, and it was crowded so we sat in different spots. i listened to my ipod and felt like nothing.

i got back to rez, and played my guitar for a bit and then went to eat. i saw the japanese guy i ate with in the morning. there was also a japanese girl there. i started talking, and i forgot that i had a japanese personality. i can talk faster in japanese, so it makes me different. it felt kind of good. we talked for 2 hours. then i went back to my room and wrote a poem for class. we have to make a mask and read a poem for class. here is the poem i wrote. its kind of lame.

You are my guilty pleasure.

im a fuckin bird
i watch you masterbate
from trees
i watch you laughing at your own jokes
from the sky
i watch you cry when youre sad
from your window
i watch you eat candy and watch tv
while i am stuck out side eating little dry pieces of old bread
i watch you do that thing that nobody knows about
but my brain is too small to remember any of this
so you dont have to worry

i still have to make a mask. im just going to tie a bunch of pieces of wood together. im too lazy to make a detailed mask. then i sat in my room, with nothing to do for 2 hours. i went through my whole itunes and listened to the good songs. i sent my parents and brother and japanese friends emails. then i went out side to go skating at around 2 am but it was too wet and cold to skate, so i came back to my room. then i got my shower gear ready, walked to the shower room and cleaned myself. i shampood my whole body. then i took a bath.

i did nothing till 3 30 am and then i layed in bed and tried to sleep. i dont like my life here. i am not comfortable talking to anyone. it feels like i always have to prove myself to people. its tiring.

today, i woke up at 12 pm and made a cup of tea, and walked to japanese class while drinking the tea. i take pride in this activity. i think its stylish. walking around while drinking tea and listening to music. i saw my american friend walking, and i went over to him and i got the response i was waiting for. he laughed at the tea cup. : ) . then i went to class and talked about japan with a geek who lived in the same city as me for one year. all the people in japanese class are anime geeks, or just plain nerds.

after class i went to eat. i had tacos and salad and tea and a bagel. me and my japanese friend that doesnt smoke pot much at all talked about how it would be cool to go somewhere where there arent many people, smoke pot, and run around. we smoked pot together once and he ran around campus listening to sum 41 dancing and skipping. i ran with him but i didnt have my ipod. he lent it to me, and he didnt have many songs that i liked, so i put on blink 182s whats my age again and ran around. i felt naked, good, lame, cool, and creative.

after lunch i went to drawing class, and had to draw cloth and glass. everyone was complaining that drawing still life was boring. a girl brought a kitten to class and everybody was playing with the pussy cat. they were treating it as though it were a pussy. after that, somebody said 'hey its snowing'. i looked out the window and it was snowing hard. the first hard snow of the year. ive had never seen so much snow in the air. i went out side and tears came out of my eyes because it felt nice. i went back inside and talked about drugs and then drew a girl and then drew a cat with slime coming out of its mouth, pouring onto a guy doing the peace sign with both of his hands, with 2 naked people standing on each side. it looked ok, but not great. then a guy asked me if i knew where he could get some pot, and i told him yeah, we can get some after class. after class, the guy and 2 girls came to my small room. i didnt want to call my dealer because its a pain in the ass. i had a gram of pot in my room so i gave it to the guy. i didnt care about giving it away because i am taking a break from bob marley life. does bob marley always have a smile on his face? no. getting high is normal to him. i wanna smile when i get high.

one of the girls was a tiny tiny tiny bit over weight. i had a little drawing on my wall of a melting person eating a chocolate bar and a banana. above it it says FAT. the guy commented on it and everybody looked at it and kind of laughed but the slightly over weight person didnt. i kind of felt sorry.

then we all went out of my room, and i said bye to them because i had to go eat dinner before my last class of the day. i had a sandwich and tea for dinner. i ate with japanese people.

then i went to film studies class. i took this class because i like some movies. it turns out that we watch old western movies, then watch parts over again, and then listen to an old boring man talk about it. im dropping it next semester. todays class was different though. we watched a modern movie. i forget what it was called, but it was about a family going to see the daughter that lives in new york for thanks giving. it was an ok movie. then the torture started. we started watching 2 scenes from the movie over and over. we watched the same scenes 4 times. after the third time i was pissed off and stressed out. then he said ok one last time, and i thought oh god man, come on man, you cant do this to me. i put my hood over my head and started making mad faces to myself. then i started saying the word 'fuck' over and over quietly. finally, after 3 hours of sitting, the class was done. he handed back everyones papers before we got to leave. we had to write papers about the movie "rebel without a cause". i seemed to be the only one in the class who didnt like it. he said "i wish you would have like it more". i got a C. he wrote "im sorry that you didnt like the film" on my paper at least 3 times. then i walked home and got a headache. it is getting too cold. then i came back, and im sitting here and my head still hurts. i have to make the mask for tomorrow soon, but i think i will go for a quick skateboard ride before i make it. its probably going to be too cold to have fun. maybe not. maybe my headache will ruin my skateboard ride.

oh, i also forgot that i had a cookie and some milk right when i got back from film studies class. it tasted good.




I moved into my dorm room yesterday. the room has a bed that squeeks when you move on it, a desk to jack off at, and some room to gEt cReAtIvE. i have a fridge. i store water in it. i also have some jam my grandma made in there.

It said "floor meeting at 5pm" on my door. it was still 11am and i had nothing to do so i went for a walk around campus. it was boring. then i got back and layed around till 5:13 or so. i didnt know where the floor meeting was so i walked around and found it. i was late, like a punk. around 10 teens were in a circle introducing themselves. i sat on a chair beside the circle and pretended that i didnt care that i was late. then the leader asked me to introduce myself so i said "my name is riley and ive been living in japan for the past 14 years and i like music and i LIKE TO SKATEBOARD". i couldnt think of what to say so i had to reveal my sk8r fag identity. then the leader explained some stuff that was completely useless, and we went back into our rooms like little rats. i thought about cool ways of introducing myself while laying on the bed like "hi, my name is riley and i like sleeping , and i hate bruce springsteen and i want to kill the rolling stones. sorry". they would think im so artistic.

then i heard some music next door. the girl living next door seems to be a total north american Teenie. i peeked in her room and i saw a poster of a macho guy with his shirt off, smiling a little. the music i heard was also teenie music. top hit teen music. hey hey u u i dont like ur girl friend. hey there delila how is it in nu york city i love u baby. that type of stuff. she seemed to have a friend over. i heard them bitching about their friends.

then i went to eat dinner with the floor leader, and 2 other normal looking girls. i didnt say a word. they were talking about text books. i had salad and fried rice and some other stuff. the food seamed to be fresh, so it was tOtAllY tIgHt. i also had milk, and then i put water into the milk cup and the water stank. it smelled like a wet cow's tit.

i got back to my room, and started feeling sad and mad and bad because i was bored. i layed around and played the guitar for a few more hours, and then the room leader knocked on my door. she asked if i was interested in the little party at 9. i said yeah and she told me where to meet up. i thanked her and shut the door.

the clock hit nine in the ass, so i went to the meeting spot. a chinese guy introduced himself to me, and we talked about china. we got to the party. it was nothing like i expected. it was a normal sized room with a bunch of people shouting/talking to eachother. i got my free beer and then a japanese girl walked in and the chinese guy knew her so he said hi, and i talked to her in japanese. then more asians came. korean and chinese. then more japanese came and i talked to them. i started drinking my other free beer and i started to sweat like a pig running around on the sun. i dont know why. the room was hot, but i was the only one sweating. they must have thought im weak against alcohol. i was mad because i wasnt drunk or anything. just a little more positive than usual. me and the chinese guy finished our 2 free beers so we went to see if we could buy more. they said no, u cant. we left the party.

we got back to the dorm and the chinese guy invited me into his room so i went in. then he pulled down his pants and he had a small boner. JUST KIDDING.

we got into his room and he had a lap top with an apple mark on the middle of it. i said 'oh u have a mac'. he said no, and showed me it was just a sticker. he told me he likes the logo a lot. then we went to my room and i showed him my computer. its a mac. he said cool about 10 times, and saw my ipod and said it 10 times more, because it was a second generation ipod. he used my computer a bit, and i wanted to tell him to stop, but i was to embarrassed. it wasnt very comfortable. then he said 'wut r u goin to do nou?', so i told him that i am going to go to the bar to see if its open. he came along. it wasnt open. we got back to the dorm and said bye to each other. i couldnt sleep. i finally fell asleep ar 2 am, and it wasnt a real good sleep.

i woke up at 8am, and went to a residents orientation for the people in the dorm. they had doughnuts for breakfast but they were out of juice. i didnt eat any because they looked dry. then a 25 year old 100% jock came in and showed us a slide show. it was about how words like "gay" and "slut" can be harmful, and that everybody is different. it was the most fucked up slide show that i have ever seen. then all of the room leaders introduced themselves and an assholish looking guy in a suit came into the room. some guys went "WHOOO!". i thought, "oh, god". the guy in the suit was proud of himself. then he gave a speech, and he told us that we shouldnt be embarrassed and not go "WHOOOO" when he comes in, and that we should all cheer, and be ourselves. thats what he actually said. what a dumb rotten penis.

then we were sent out side, where we waited for the next order. the chinese guy was with me, and more asians started coming. as soon as i knew it, i was with 6 asian guys. then i talked to an african guy, and we were sent into a gym. there, we were shown a boring awful video about some volunteer group called shinerama. they shine your shoes for donations. i wanted to pay them 20 dollars to stop talking. my stomach was starting to hurt. then it was finally over and we went to a free BBQ. i talked to a cool japanese guy, and then another cool japanese guy. i hung out with them and ate a BBQ burger. then one of them came to my room, and i went to his, and we said bye to each other.

so far, i've only made asian friends. so far i have found noone that shares the same intersts as me, and im bored. i have 3 more days of orientation. WHOOO!.

i have to go to a party at 9.


summa sonic

i woke up. i mailed my friend and told him to come to my house. we were planning to go to the summer sonic festival, a large music festival held in Osaka and Tokyo. gwen stefani was coming. i told him to get ready and to come to my house as fast as he can so that we could go for a little swim at the pool near my house before the pool closes. i wanted to go for a swim so that i could drain a lot of energy, so that later on i could sleep in the night time bus ride. we were planning on taking a bus to Osaka at night, and spending the night in the bus. i waited for an hour and my friend still wasnt at my house. then 30 minutes later he arrived. i got mad at him because the pool was closed when he got to my house. it took him 2 dirty hours. then we started to call hotels to try and make reservations for the next night. the summer sonic was a 2 day festival so we needed somewhere to lay our heads for a night. the hotels were all full. we called more than 10 hotels. we should have made reservations earlier. we decided on a plan to sleep in a park in osaka. i put some t-shirts, my tooth brush, socks, under arm deoderent, and my panties in my bag and we left.

we got to nagoya station. we went to the bus terminal and there was a 30 year old bus driver telling everyone that the night time buses are all full. we were totally bummed out. no hotels, and now no buses! god damn you god good god good god! we went and asked some station bois how we could get to Osaka on a train without using too much money. the station boi recommended us the JR line. he said it would cost around 3000 yen, and it would take 3 hours. we bought the tickets, drank one big 6% alcohol beer, and got on the train. it was 8 pm. i pretended to trip out on the beer. then i asked my friend if i could use his ipod. i didnt want to use mine because my batteries drain fast. he said ok and i listened to old elliott smith songs. they were pretty good.

we got to osaka, and we started to walk around to try and find a public park with a public bathroom so that we could become bob marley creatures. (smoke pot) we found a normal sized park but we couldnt find a toilet so we walked around more. then we found an abandoned shopping street. it looked like a place from Dear Wendy (a movie that i like). we found a stair set and smoked weed. we pretended that rainbows were coming out of our heads. then we walked around, then smoked more and went to try and find a place to eat. but then we saw 2 guys skateboarding. we decided to watch them for a little while. one guy had the coolest kick flips in the world. the other guy was a skate master. he had a clean style.we watched them for around 30 minutes and then 2 more skaters came. one was a jigga. he looked like a fake rapper. the other one was a punk. what a combination. then the punk drank a beer and started to skate. he sucked. he tried to nollie 180 but messed up, and he kicked his skateboard and it hit a bike. then he kicked the bike. he was really pissed. then we left them. it was 12:30 am so most of the shops were closed. we found a hamburger shop and ate burger sets. then we went back to the skaters and wathced them again. then we left and they said bye to us. we said thank you. then we ate some more and drank some more and talked some more and got to the park.

we first layed on the grass. it was as hard as a 13 year old kid's boner. it was tickling us so we went over to the benches. it was 4am and we had to get up at 7 am. we tried to sleep but mosquitos were biting my friend and he saw a big cockroach. we got up and went to a store and bought some bug spray and some bread. we sprayed chemicals on ourselves and tried to sleep again on the ground this time. we failed. then we saw a homeless guy coming towards us so we asked him what the best way to sleep in a park is. he told us to try a bunch of spots in the park and we will eventually find one that fits us. he said that every homeless has their favorite way to sleep. he told us that he himself likes to sleep on news paper. we gave up and started walking around. then it became 7 am so we went to the station. we slept on the benches at the station for 10 minutes but it was way too hot and humid to sleep. we felt like prisoners. i wanted to cut my balls off. i needed to take a bath. we got on the train and got to the the station where the summer sonic buses leave to go the the festival. we got off the train and walked 5 minutes in an army-like line to the place where the sonic buses were. we got on a bus, and sat for 15 minutes. we arrived at the summer sonic. it was as sunny, hot, and humid. there were no clouds in the sky. then we had to stand in a huge line in the middle of a gravel baseball feild to get our wrist bands so that we could enter all of the music stages. we finally got our wrist bands. we had already agreed that it was one of the worst days of our lives. i soon realized that there was only one indoor stage, and one was a tent stage, and the rest were out door stages. were we going to stare at the bands, or at the sun? were we going to live through this nightmare?

we went to the dance stage. the opening act was insane. 3 teenage japanese girls dressed in granny cloths, pretending to sing into their mics when its obviouse that its not even their voices singing. the songs were catchy techno dance melodies. they were kind of good. then we went to the indoor stage and saw a band called the Draytones. they were another british band that thought they were all cool. their songs werent interesting at all, and nobody was really giving a damn about them. they were trying to have a good time though.

then we went into a public bathroom and smoked grass. we came out and went to the indoor stage where tilly and the wall were playing. DAMN THAT WAS A GOOD SHOW. we only got to see 15 minutes of them because we wanted to see as many bands as possible but that show alone was worth going to the summer sonic. every member in the band was unique. it all sounded great together. thanks tilly and the wall.

we next went to the dance stage and saw MSTRKRFT. they sucked. it was basically 2 guys that looked like hitler with little moustaches DJ ing. everybody was dancing and it looked so stupid. they all sucked at dancing. i just stood on my feet and watched. people started to look at me. some laughed. i guess they thought i was crazy, not dancing and all. fuckers. mrstrkrft was doing this boring routine of plaiyng a beat, then making it go high pitched slowly untill it sounds fucked up, and then starting the beat again full blast. everybody loved them. what the fuck happened to Jesse F Keeler? he used to be so cool in Death From Above 1979. ASSHOLE!

then we went to see the Polyphonic Spree. they put on a good show. they all dressed in white, and the main vocal had a red circle on his back and when he showed his back to us, the whole stage would look like a japanese flag. the only thing that sucked was the vocals, which was basically the main part of the show.

then we went to hot chip. we had high hopes for these mother fuckers. we were getting tired, and we felt dirty and sweaty. they came on stage and played a song that i didnt know. then they played some more that i knew. they were ok, but they also did that thing that mstrkrft did where they made the beat go all high pitched or screwed up, and then they would start the beat again full blast. people danced.

then we went to the indoor stage to see bright eyes. we were falling asleep, and his songs were becoming scary. we decided to go out side.

we went and layed on some grass near a stage that motorhead was about to play. we slept while motorhead played. they werent really good at all. they kept telling the crowd that they are motorhead, and that they play rock and roll.

we tried to sleep more on the grass, but it was awful. the grass was hard, and it was tickling us, and it was very hot out side. then i took my socks off because my feet were hurting and i found 2 blisers. what a shitty thing to happen to my feet on such a hot humid day.

there werent any more bands that we wanted to see that day, so we decided to go back to downtown osaka to try and find a 24 hour comic book cafe to sleep for the night. there was no way that were were going to spend the night in a park again.

we found a comic book cafe and went in. it was 500 yen to stay in a tiny room with a computer and a tv and a ps2 for one hour. the rooms were about as big as a walk in closet, and you couldnt lay on the ground and strech your hands and feet out. each room was split with a plastic wall that you could easily look over. some couples rent rooms and make out in them. i wanted to wach a couple have sex or something. you were allowed to take a shower for free too. we got a little room and then went to the shower room and took a shower. we went back to our room, and got ready to go out to eat. we were planning to go eat, then come back at 10pm and get the 10 hour plan. the 10 hour plan was a plan where you get to use a room for 10 hours for a cheaper price than normal. it started from 10pm, and ended at 8am. you could help yourself to free drinks, free showers, a whole bunch of japanese comic books, free internet access, ps2 games, and you could even order a fucking dominos pizza into your little room.

we went and ate at a japanese shop. i ate meat on rice, and my friend had a burger steak. he is japanese and he is obsessed with burgers. he ALWAYS wants them. we also had a beer. then we went back to the comic cafe and waited 10 minutes till the clock hit 10pm. we went inside, drank one beer, and went to sleep in our tiny rooms. it was kind of hard to sleep, and it was kind of hot, but we managed to get some sleep, and it was definitely better than a public park. we woke up at 7 45 am and left.

we didnt want to see any of the bands playing in the morning so we walked around downtown osaka for a little while. we went to a huge electronics shop and played around. we got massaged by some massage chairs too. then we ate, and we got on the 15 minute train ride to the summer sonic bus station.

we got to the festival at 1pm, and we went to see the horrors. they tried to do this horrific noise expirimental intro thing but it was very boring. then they played some songs and they were very bad. the vocal tried to look and sound really mad. then we went to the dance stage and saw the worst band ever. Bonde de role. some brazillian band where a fat dj puts a burned cd into a player, and dances while a guy who thinks hes very cool, and a girl with a mini skirt raps. there were many brazillians cheering in the crowd. they sucked so bad. the only good thing was the mini skirt, and we were kind of far away, so it was kind of a lose lose situation for us fellows in the back.

then we went to a public bathroom and smoked more pot, and we tried to go see Digitalism, but it was full, and there was a huge line up. we stayed in the line for 10 minutes and we realized that we werent getting in, so we left to see interpol. interpol sucked. im a big fan of interpol, but damn their show is boring. why not just get 4 or 5 random guys from the street, put them on a stage with some mute instruments, and play an interpol cd? the band members had no character. me and my friend thought it would be fun to listen to interpol on our ipods while actually watching them, so we did that. it was ok.

then we went to see css, and they were cute and cool. they put on a fun show, with balloons on stage and all. they looked like they were having so much fun. they were making the crowd do stuff like making heart symbols with their hands. i felt like a slave. all of us, watching a band control us having so much fun. i didnt do the heart symbols or anything, but i wished i could control people like that. i love controlling people.

then we went to Dinosaur Jr. to tell you the truth, they werent that entertaining. the looked like they didnt care about anything. then, after they finished a song, one of the members said "WAA". he probably did it because he couldnt speak japanese, and most people couldnt understand english, so why not just say something totally random? we thought it was the best summer sonic joke ever. i hope they only did this in japan. if they do this every time they do a show, then fuck them. legend asses.

after that we went to see LCD sound system. he looked tired. my friend told me that he played a show in Tokyo, then flew to the UK, then flew back to japan to play in osaka. he must have been sooo worn out. the show was ok.

then we drank a beer and went to Modest Mouse. surprisingly, there werent many people at the modest mouse stage at all. i knew why though. Tower Records. every band that tower records pushed was popular at the summer sonic. tower records didnt even have the new modest mouse album when it came out. but they had big Klaxons posters and listening booths. the Klaxons were playing right at the same time as modest mouse. Digitalism was another band tower records pushed, and you couldnt even get into the stage the day before. i kind of wanted to see the klaxons, but i knew it would be full, and i really like modest mouse so we decided to just watch the mice. they sucked. yup. i was hoping they wouldnt play Education, and Fire it up, and what do ya know. they played both right after the first song. we had to leave in the middle of the show because we needed to catch a train at 8pm, or else we would have had to stay in osaka for another night. we left as they played Float On, my friends favorite song. he likes hit songs. i do too.

we ran to the bus, got on, and took a train to osaka station. we got on the train and waited for an hour. then we transfered to the next train. i needed to go pee really bad. i thought my dick was going to blow up. then i found a toilet in the train and squirted yellow juice out of the hole at the end of my dick.

we got back to nagoya, and we walked to the subway station. we saw a angry guy saying "YOU GOT A FUCKIN PROBLEM?" and other things like that in japanese to random people on the street. we kind of got scared. we went into the station, and we both went home.

i slept like a dead man on sleeping pills.

end of summer sonic entry.



i woke up and ate some cereal today. it tasted normal. then i took a bath and set myself up for the day. i looked at the clock and it said 4 pm. my brothers door to his room was shut, so i slid the door open and he was laying on his stomach doing something on his cell phone. i asked him if he's just going to cell phone his day away. he spends too much time on that thing. it kind of makes me mad. he said yes, he will cell phone his day away.

then i went and met 2 of my sk8r bros. one of them had brought a hat and two t-shirts for me and the other sk8r bro because he didnt need them any more. the hat was a new york yankees hat. one of the t-shirts was a huge black plain t. we made my friend wear the huge black t and NY hat. he looked like a total jigger. a jangsta. he was saying stuff like "yo wussup dog" and we laughed. then i wore the huge t and hat. i also did the whole "wussup bro" thing. i also got on my skateboard and did an ollie and froze right after i landed it. my friend told me that i looked like a real wigger. i felt like an actor.

then we went to the park and found 3 brazilian guys taking a nap with opened potato chip bags, pop cans, and a bunch of other garbage surrounding them. they must have had a pot party. then i got on my skateboard and tried to skate with steez. after around an hour of skating, this american fat punk with a beer belly came to the park. he ALWAYS drinks beers at the park and then does no complys. he once fell attempting to no comply wall ride and he lay on the ground saying "im like a fuckin pig". it was really funny. he skated around the park doing no complys. we skated some more and left.

we went to a cd shop because i wanted the cd where japanese bands cover punk pop songs. they didnt have it. then we went to tower records (yeah, they still have them here u rats) and i found the cd. PUNK ROCK SHOW 3. i looked at the back of the cd and it had all of the band names listed. some cool ones were NEW STRIKE ZIPPER, WITH MY FOOT, IQ20, and THE STRIKERS (the strikers, what a name..). it said that these bands cover 90s bands like limp bizket, green day, chumbawamba, aqua, and the spice girls (mmm baby yeah). i was way too embarrassed (PUNK ROCK SHOW? *blushes*) to buy the cd, so i ordered my friend to buy it for me. he said no. i was definitely not going to buy it because the guy at the counter was this guy that i and my friend had talked about cool experimental bands with before. my friend didnt see him. i finally made a deal with my friend that i would lend him 5 cds if he went and payed for my cd. he went and bought the cd. he came back with a moldy looking face. he told me that he didnt know it was the guy that knew all the cool bands. he said that the guy at the counter was speechless at the cd choice. he told me that they just ignored the fact that he was buying a japanese spice girls pop punk cover band cd, and talked about some bands. i told my friend that i would have fainted if i were in his situation. that is definitely one of the worst things that has ever happened to my friend. maybe something good will happen to him tomorrow.

then i was going home when i got a phone call from my dad. he told me he could join him and my brother at the indian restaurant. i went there and ate naan and curry. i asked my little brother what he did today. surely enough, he did stuff on his cell phone all day. i felt sick after eating.

then i got home and put in my new cd. it was fucking awful and embarrassing. i guess it only sounded good at the shop yesterday because i was high, and looking at toys. i am such a dumb ass. the limp bizket ROOLIN cover is even worse than the original version. they tried to make it happy sounding. they do it awfully.

then i found that i got an oink invite (oink is a music site that has loads of torrents that are hard to find) from a nice fellow. i found a black dice torrent of a cd that i dont have by them. it took around 5 minutes to download. i listened to it. it was AMAZING. it sounds like a stupid dance song for mindless idiots. idiots who only move left to right when they dance. everybody should download this album. Manoman by Black Dice. it has 3 songs. you can listen to it and dance to it to lose fat. you'll look great.

then i downloaded a couple more albums that i didnt have. and now im sitting on my chair drinking green tea. : / : l : ) : ( :D

i will be leaving for the summer sonnic festival (a music festival) tomorrow night, so i wont have to write a shitty blog for the whole weekend.

this is not a test. this is a public service announcement. This Entry Is Officially Done.



i woke up with a dry throat today. i went to the fridge to get something to wet it. there was water and all, but then i saw my favorite drink. milk tea! i thought to myself "im going to drink that after i sleep for 2 more hours". i took a sip of water and went back to sleep. after two hours, i got up and went to the fridge. the fucking milk tea was gone. then i turned around and saw the empty milk tea bottle. my brother must have gotten his filthy little hands on it. i got mad and hit the fridge with my hand lightly. (if i hit it hard, it might have broken).

then i mailed my friend with my cell phone and he came over. i was listening to animal collective when he came in and he thought i was kind of cool. we watched 2 minutes of the blue print video. i told him about how much i love it when danny brady wears pink t-shirts. his tail slide suv it out on the bank while wearing his pink T is my favorite trick in that whole video. then we got ready to go to the pool because it was free to get in today. he didnt have his swiming suit so i lent him my nike shorts that had a tiny bit of shit on the ass part. i wore them the day before while farting i guess. *shrugs*.

then we got to the pool. it is the first pool ever made in japan. its right near my house. it is just a big rectangle with no slides or anything. we went in and started playing tag. we were both happy because we felt our fat leaving our bodies. then my friend ran into this old man. the old man got all pissed and my friend ignored him and swam away. it looked like he was running away from a beast. i then went over to the old man and said this to him. "i know youre a stressed out old man swimming laps in a pool 4 kids". then he said "me?". i said "never mind old man, this is a place to play, not swim laps" and he swam away. i won the battle. i felt strong.

then we went home and i took a bath and we were about to put some ants in the ant growing kit but we saw a The Far Side book so we started reading it. it was pretty boring. then we decided not to put the ants in today because it was too hot and we felt like lazy slimes. we had been planning to get some Ganja today so we phoned the guy and told we want two grams and he told us to come over because he had some ready for us. we went and bought it after a 10 minute train ride.

then we walked to a park and saw a cat that looked like this fat guy from highschool. an old lady was feeding it with a sad look on her face, and we joked that it was his mother. we then found a public bathroom, and decided to See The Light (get high) in the public bathroom. it was getting dark out side and the lights werent on yet in the bathroom, so we used my cell phone as a flash light. we started inhaling leaf smoke and after a few hits, we heard someone coming into the bathroom. we then heard pee noises. we made poo noises. then my friend pretended to become this bug that climbs up walls and it was funny. i pretended that a rainbow came out of my dick. we horsed around for a few minutes, smoked more Rasta Leaf and went out into the wild. we walked around town. i put on my headphones and started to listen to animal collective. i went and started lightly banging my head on a near by metal fence. my friend was scared that someone might see me so i stopped and then put the head phones on him and told him to try not banging his head against the wall lightly. he tried. he couldnt resist. his head hit the wall. he felt it. we felt it.

we went into the store we went into yesterday with the simpsons poster. we both had turns of looking straight into the simpsons poster while saying "simpsonize me" in smooth heavenly voices. then we saw lava lamps and decided to pretend to look at, and enjoy them. they didnt look that amazing, but we pretended to feel peaceful. then we laughed at how boring the people browsing the store looked like. they were all mid 20s fake hipsters looking at toys. they had their eyes open and their mouths closed, just like any other normal bored person. the store was playing japanese bands covering green day songs. it actually sounded pretty good. i saw that the cd that was playing was on display near the counter with a NOW PLAYING sign. the cd cover read "PUNK ROCK HITS VOLUE 3" or something similar. i think i will buy it tomorrow. i need it. I Need It Bad.

then we went to a store that sells meat on rice. we couldnt find the door to enter and a guy eating saw us searching thru the window. he pointed at the door with a mad face. we bowed to him. he was a master, and a savoir. then we got in, but i saw this blonde teen out side. now, it is a rare occasion to get to see a blonde teen white girl here, so we rushed out of the store, and went around the corner to look at the blonde. it turned out to be some asian whore looking girl with died hair. i was sad.

then we found a japanese style cheap restaraunt. we went in and got fish, black stuff, miso soup, rice, and tofu. when they guy was filling out bowls with miso soup, he spilled some. he looked like he didnt give a damn. what a cool guy. hardcore bro. we sat on some chairs and started eating. my friend started feeling sick and he said he couldnt eat it all. i ate all of mine. i got really mad at him because i felt like i got fat and he didnt. he definitely wasnt going to eat all of his supper so we set our minds to go. then we remembered that you needed to bring the trays and plates back to the counter. we couldnt do it in that state of mind. we decided to punk the fuck out of the situation and just leave the plates on the table. we went out. i put my head phones on and started to listen to album leaf. then modest mousee. then the smiths. i am mister indie. i listen to famous 'indie' bands. my friend was listening to something but i didnt know what it was.

then we went home, and im listening to american alalog set right now (always count on mister indie to listen to an indie band). my bird is sitting at the bottom of the cage with its mouth open. its a lil grampa (i know its male because it sings this crappy melody and dances all the time (it really does.) im drinking green tea right now. (no pussy ass shit in it like honey or sugar).

i must say, it was a great day.


i went skateboarding today with my friends. my friend was wearing a yellow shirt and it had this rich looking logo on it so i gave him shit for it. i told him its disgusting. he was also wearing brown pants. it made him look even richer and it really pissed me off.

we skated at the park. the friend wearing the yellow shirt was doing front side flips and i told him they looked disgusting and stupid. then he did a kick flip and it was very low. it made me kind of mad. i let it go though.

this guy that was front flipping this bank to bank came up to me and said "lets front flip it together". i was surprised. i didnt want to say no, because it would have made me look like an unmotivated fool, so i told him ill back side flip it. i first went to ollie it and i fell and some guys watching got all happy and cheered. they like it when people fall. then i ollied it. then i back side ollied it. then back side flipped it after around 10 tries. i pretended that i didnt care that i landed it. i was expressionless. i might have looked mad. i didnt care though, because i was stoked on my feet.

then i went to a store that sells all kinds of entertaining shit because i had to buy my dad a birthday present. i found a simpsons poster and told my friend to buy it. he said no because his mom will get mad at him because he doesnt have a job and she would say that buying a poster is a waste of money. we didnt find anything for my dad so we left.

then we went to another shop. we found these cool ant growing kits where you put the ants in a gel filled plastic container. my friend told me that he heard that ants hold funerals and stuff. i thought it would be a good present. one problem. it would be totally embarrassing to buy that thing. what would the sellers think? "here comes a dumb ass getting sucked into buying this ant growing kit that doesnt even work". i thought about that, and i ordered my friend to buy it for me. he said no at first, but the store was closing and i kept whining and he eventually went and bought it for me using the money he was holding for me in his wallet (i dont carry a wallet so i make him carry my money when we sk8).

my friend came back holding the ant grower, and i didnt really want to hold it but i took it and carried it to the station. we all said good bye to each other and went home. i got home and rested. my dad came and opened the present. now im listening to animal collective, trying to be a hipster. i guess im done with this entry. i have to go return a movie. (harry potter) (yes i fucking rented harry potter) (the second one) (i watched half).



what is this? should i type something? what for? fun?